About Us

“Somewhere and somehow, and by somebody, a beginning must be made” – Fintan Lalor

éirígí is an Irish socialist republican political party formed in Dublin in April 2006 – coinciding with the ninetieth anniversary of the 1916 Rising. éirígí wants to see an end to the British occupation of the Six Counties and the dismantling of the unjust socio-economic system that currently exists in both the Six and Twenty-Six Counties.

éirígí supports the creation of a new all-Ireland Democratic Socialist Republic based on the principles of sovereignty, democracy, liberty, justice, equality, community and international solidarity.

éirígí believes that such a republic represents the only viable model for the people of Ireland to reach their fullest potential, both collectively as a nation and as individual human beings.

Although initially formed as a ‘campaigns group’ in May 2006, the membership voted to formally constitute éirígí as a political party at its first Ard Fheis in May 2007. A copy of the Bunreacht éirígí (constitution) can be viewed here.

From its original Dublin base éirígí has grown steadily and is now active in many parts of Ireland, including counties Antrim, Armagh, Cork, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Sligo, Tyrone and Wicklow.

éirígí believes that electoral and parliamentary politics alone cannot deliver the type of change required in Irish society. The transformation from a capitalist to a socialist system cannot be achieved without the active support and participation of the mass of the people. Campaigns have the potential to empower, politicise and mobilise the people, who alone can provide the dynamic for such a transformation. Through campaigning on political, social, economic and cultural issues, éirígí aims to contribute to that dynamic.

Since its foundation éirígí has campaigned on a wide variety of issues relating to both the British occupation and socio-economic issues. Full details of éirígí’s campaigns can be viewed here.

Mass Movement For Justice
éirígí believes that a Democratic Socialist Republic can only be established and sustained through the collective action of a progressive social movement incorporating local communities, organised labour, cultural organisations, campaigns groups and political parties. The very diversity of such a coalition will be its strength. éirígí will be part of such a coalition, working on shared projects with other progressive individuals and groups in Ireland.

This co-operation and outreach to other progressive forces cannot be restricted to the island of Ireland. The fight against capitalism and imperialism is by necessity a global one. The emergent global justice movement represents a real and growing bulwark to oppression and exploitation throughout the world. We in éirígí believe that it is from within this movement that a new and truly progressive era of international co-operation and solidarity will emerge. éirígí is committed playing an active role within this movement.