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Blood on our hands, Profiting from death

The end result of manufacturing weaponsIrish complicity in imperialist aggression and war-crimes is not only restricted to support from the Twenty-Six County government and political establishment. 

This complicity also manifests itself in a less public dimension in private industry in both the Six and Twenty-Six Counties where the profit to be made from the manufacture of weaponry is put before the suffering of the victims of that same weaponry.

Irish involvement in the arms trade is not a new phenomenon.  As far back as 1996, the Links Report, commissioned by AFRI (Action from Ireland), identified over a dozen Irish companies that were involved in the arms trade.

By 2003 the number of companies had risen to 66 according to an Amnesty International study "Ireland and The Arms Trade". A further Amnesty report "The Claws of The Celtic Tiger" produced in 2004 raised further questions about Irish involvement in arms manufacturing. 

The industry is composed of both multinational companies based in Ireland and indigenous Irish companies, many of whom are involved in the production of "dual-use" technologies, i.e. products with both civilian and military applications.  It should be noted that much of the Irish contribution is in the high-tech electronic area in conjunction with US and British companies.

We in éirígí are calling for an end to all Irish involvement in the support of the imperial war machine, whether directly or indirectly, and are calling on the Irish people to become involved in an effective anti-imperialist movement.

Some of the most prominent companies based in Ireland involved in the production of weapons, or weapons components, include:

Timoney Holdings

Involved in the production of armoured vehicles.

Specialised in independent suspension systems technology for heavy trucks, as well as engineering design and development for heavy wheeled vehicles, including wheeled armoured vehicles, high mobility trucks and specialty vehicles.

"We do the design and prototype work in Ireland and the production is done by the likes of the Australian or U.S. militaries." Mr Neil Murray, company spokesperson, Sunday Business Post.

Shane O’Neill
Chief Executive Officer
Gibbstown, Navan
Co. Meath
Tel: 353 46 905 5100
Fax: 353 46 905 4424

Analog Devices BV

Produces "high performance integrated circuits" used by the military, including use in fighter jets.

“Analog Devices has served military and aerospace customers for three decades. Our product portfolio spans the entire signal chain -from precision sensors, signal conditioners, and data converters to microprocessor interface solutions and digital signal processors.  Analog Devices offers analog, mixed-signal, MEMS and digital signal processing along with the expertise to help you apply these technologies in your designs.”

Arrow Electronics Ireland and Silica-An Avnet Company (details below), are both listed on the Analog Devices website as distributors

Arrow Electronics Ireland

10A Second Floor
Beckett Way
Park West
Dublin 12
Tel: (Reception) +353 1 6298700
Fax: +353 1 6298701

Silica-An Avnet Company

Unit 7
Swords Business Park
Co. Dublin, 
TEL +353 1 8901000  
FAX +353 1 8901010

Assman Electronics Ltd, Ennis, Co. Clare

Produces electronic components designed to exceed U.S. Department of Defence standards for use in military equipment.

Befab Safeland Ltd. Shannon, Co. Clare

Specialises in the manufacture of "runwayarrestors" (used to "catch" military jets as they land).

Befab Safeland Ltd. is part of the US ESCO (Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation) whose literature states:

“ESCO is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of military aircraft arresting systems. For over five decades we have developed products for the controlled deceleration of every type of military fighter aircraft flown worldwide. Currently, we have over 4,000 systems in 72 countries.”

Managing Director (Ireland): Mr Eddie Hynes
Bay 15/16
Shannon Industrial Estate
Co. Clare,

Chemfab Europe Ltd.

Specialise in the production of "polymer based engineered products and material systems for use in severe environments" which have "dual-use" and have previously been supplied to British Aerospace, who in turn manufacture a wide variety of weapons systems.

Chemfab Europe Ltd.
Gort Road
Co. Clare


World leader in the production of 'Radomes' - protective covers for the antennae systems used in air traffic control, weather systems and radar/communications interception systems. Military applications account for a substantial segment of the company’s business.

L-3 Communications ESSCO Collins Ltd.
Co. Clare, Ireland
Tel: 353-61-367244
Fax: 353-61-311044

Eurotec Operations

Specialises in the manufacturing of microwave components and semiconductors, "dual-use" technology with military applications. 

Eurotec Components  
Youngline Centre,
Pouladuff Road,
Tel: 353-21-311266

Kentree Ltd. Kilbrittain, Co. Cork

Specialises in the manufacture of remote control vehicles, primarily for use in military applications.

Tel: 353-23-49708 

Moog Ltd.

Major US arms manufacturer. Irish operation has been involved in the manufacture of electronic controllers used in main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and anti-aircraft systems.

Co. Cork
Tel: +353-21-4519000
Fax: +353-21-4519001


One of the largest US arms manufacturers producing a range of missile systems, military surveillance systems, radar systems and aircraft. Plant has been the scene of direct actions by anti-war activists.

Raytheon Systems Limited
Peninsula Court
Ulster Science & Technology Park
Buncrana Road
BT48 0SL
Tel: +44 (0)28 7130 4000
Fax: +44 (0)28 7130 4100

Western Avionics

Produce electronic components used in military aircraft.

Western Avionics Ltd.,
Units 13/14 Shannon Free Zone,
Co. Clare,
Phone : +353 61 472233
Fax : +353 61 471675
e-mail :


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