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Fight the Water Tax!

On October 1st 2014 the Dublin government intend to start taxing families across the Twenty-Six Counties for their water supply. éirígí believes that access to high quality water is a fundamental human right that the state should uphold for all citizens, regardless of their income. We believe that the people of Ireland should be the primary beneficiaries of the natural resources of Ireland, including its water. We further believe that the Water Tax is an unjust and immoral tax that will transfer wealth from the many to the few. Click here for more details>>


The Fight Back

On the morning of September 28th 2008 the Dublin government caused European-wide panic when it announced its intention to underwrite the liabilities of the private banking sector. Despite all of the evidence to the contrary the then Minister for Finance, Brian Lenihan, later claimed that it "was the cheapest bailout in the world so far". >Just two years later, in November 2010, the fallacy of Lenihan's words was sorely exposed when the Dublin government was forced to accept a bailout of its own. On this occasion no amount of bluster from government ministers could downplay the significance of the Troika of the European Union, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund taking effective control of the Twenty-Six County state. Click here for more details>>


Boycott the Home Tax!

Budget 2012 saw the Dublin government confirm its intention to impose a poll tax on homes across the Twenty-Six Counties. And so with the stroke of a pen the Fine Gael/Labour coalition levied yet another ‘stealth’ tax on in excess of 1.5 million homes across the state. Together we can build a genuine mass movement of opposition to the home tax, the property tax and the water tax – a movement that is capable of winning the first significant victory of the battle against the IMF/EU/ECB inspired austerity measures. Click here for more details>>


Stormont Isn’t Working

Since the Six-County assembly at Stormont was revived by the British government in 2007, it has proven a loyal implementer of the policies that derive from Westminster. The Stormont executive has been unwilling and unable to oppose the neoliberal agenda of New Labour and the Tories. Regardless of the job losses, of the attacks on vital public services and benefits provision, Stormont has provided no resistance to the programme of the British government. Click here for more details>>


The Campaign for British withdrawal

Over the course of the last decade the British government has, with the assistance of their allies in Ireland, largely succeeded in neutralising the demand for Irish self determination.  The voice of Irish democracy is arguably now, in 2007, at its weakest point for more than a generation. Recognising this reality is an essential first step in the building of a new movement for Irish national democracy. Click here for more details>>>


We Only Want the Earth!

The Corrib Gas saga has brought the whole issue of how Ireland’s natural resources are to be used to the very fore of public debate in Ireland. The dispute which has focused on the village of Rossport and the surrounding area has become a major international news story. This one dispute can be viewed as a microcosm of the much larger struggle between those who seek justice for the many and those who seek wealth for the few. Click here for more details>>


No British Withdrawal? – No Royal Visits!

Brian Cowen's announcement that the British head of state, Elizabeth Windsor, is to be invited on a state visit represents yet another thinly disguised attempt to portray the British occupation of the Six Counties as 'normal'. éirígí understands the normal relations between the peoples of Ireland and Britain can only develop in the context of a complete British withdrawal from Ireland. Until then éirígí will oppose all visits by all British royals to all parts of Ireland. Click here for more details>>>


An Ghaeilge

The Irish language has been spoken in Ireland for around 3000 years. For the majority of that time it was the country’s dominant language. This changed 200 years ago, as part of a deliberate process of cultural conquest applied by successive British governments over a course of centuries. This cultural conquest was a core component of Britain’s imperial designs on Ireland, and became an important tool for imperialist powers in their efforts to dominate native peoples all over the world.. Click here for more details>>


Different Name – Same Aim

In November 2001, the British government re-branded the discredited Royal Ulster Constabulary with a new name, the Police Service of Northern Ireland. With the new name, the occupying power promised ‘a new beginning’ to policing in the Six Counties. A decade later, it is now abundantly clear that, instead of delivering a ‘new beginning’, the PSNI has simply continued with the same failed anti-working class and anti-republican agenda of the RUC and Royal Irish Constabulary before them. Click here for more details>>


International Solidarity

Internationalism and internationalist solidarity have always been a central theme of Irish republicanism. éirígí understands that now, more then ever, the struggle for an Ireland free of the twin fetters of capitalism and imperialism is integrally linked to the wider international struggle of the poor and oppressed against the rich and powerful. For this reason éirígí is committed to building links with progressive organisations and individuals internationally as well as assisting various solidarity campaigns based in Ireland. Click here for more details>>


Imperialists out of Ireland!!

The world we know today has been largely shaped by the effects of Imperialist policies, both past and present. The countries of the world can be largely divided into two camps; those who built Empire and those who suffered Empire. The latter, constituting the vast majority of the world's nations, have a shared history of Invasion, Repression, Exploitation, Poverty and most importantly of all, Resistance. For centuries, the Irish people have defiantly opposed British imperialist policy in Ireland, each generation following the one before in proudly pursuing the right of the Irish people to self-determination. Today, however, instead of pride we have shame as our political class choose to align themselves, and by extension the Irish people, with those same Imperialist policies which have cost the lives of millions of Irish people over the last eight centuries. Click here for more details>>


Previous Campaigns:

Reclaim the Republic/Athshealbhaígí an Phoblacht

Launched in May 2006, to mark the ninetieth anniversary of the 1916 Rising, the “Reclaim the Republic/Athshealbhaígí an Phoblacht” campaign has been universally well received. The first element of the campaign involves the distribution, on a not for profit basis, of poster-size, full colour copies of the 1916 Proclamation of The Irish Republic. By October 2006 over 45,000 homes across Dublin had received a copy of The 1916 Proclamation. Click here for more details>>


Smash the NAMA Republic!

In Brian Lenihan’s emergency budget of April 2009 he announced the creation of a new statutory body, the National Assets Management Agency, to act as dumping ground for the Celtic Tiger-era ‘impaired’ loans’ of the private banks. With the creation of NAMA the Dublin government effectively nationalised the loss making debts of the banks, whilst simultaneously pumping endless billions of Euros into the self same banks to prevent them from going under. In November of 2009 NAMA was given legislative effect. Thus with the stroke of a pen the NAMA Republic was born. Click here for more details>>


The 1% Network – Make the Rich Pay

The Dublin government has used its last three budgets to introduce a wide-range of savage cutbacks. Healthcare, education and housing budgets have been slashed. Social welfare payments have been cut. The old, the young, the sick, communities, the unemployed and the low paid have all been targeted by a government and a political system desperate to protect the status quo and revive their failing capitalist economy. Click here for more details>>


éirígí say no to the Lisbon treaty

éirígí, believing as it does that Irish political and economic control should be under the collective jurisdiction of the Irish people rejects the European Union’s proposed Lisbon Treaty and encourages people to bin the treaty by voting No in the upcoming Twenty-Six County referendum. If implemented, the Lisbon Treaty will mark the latest sell-off of the limited independence that Ireland secured with the 1921 British withdrawal from the Twenty-Six Counties.

Click here for more details>>


Vote NO to the Austerity Treaty

If the latest European treaty is passed on May 31st, it will create a new law which will place permanent restrictions on government fiscal policy. This means that there will be legal limits on how much this government and all future governments can borrow and spend.

Click here for more details>>


Spot the Difference? There is No Difference!

In the run-up to the 2009 elections, éirígí launched its Spot the Difference? campaign to highlight how few differences there actually are between Ireland’s nine largest political parties. Despite the petty squabbling and rhetoric, all the main political parties are actually saying the same thing when it comes to the major challenges facing the Irish people today. Click here for more details>>


Noel Maguire - Bring him home

Noel Maguire was moved to Maghaberry Prison in Lisburn in November 2009. The brutality of the British penal system coupled with the apathy of the 26-County government towards the welfare of its own citizens is again in evidence with the case of Noel Maguire. The 38-year-old Fermanagh man was controversially sentenced, on highly questionable evidence, to 22-years-imprisonment for his alleged role in a republican bombing campaign in Britain between 2000 and ’01. Noel’s plight was the focus of a campaign demanding his transfer from Full Sutton prison to serve out the remainder of his sentence in the country of his birth. Click here for more details>>


Stormont accused need your support

On the morning of May 8, 2007, three members of éirígí, Cormac Ryan, Dominic McGlinchey and Scott Masterson, were assaulted and arrested by the RUC/PSNI outside Stormont Castle, Belfast. The three were taking part in a peaceful protest, organised by the Belfast Anti-War Movement, aimed at highlighting the hypocrisy of British war-criminal Tony Blair claiming to be a ‘man of peace’ in Ireland, while simultaneously directing the brutal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Blair was in Stormont to oversee the official re-establishment of the Six-County assembly. As the protest got underway, the RUC/PSNI responded, by violently attacking the demonstrators. Click here for more details>>


Repatriate Aiden Hulme campaign

Aiden Hulme was transferred to Portlaoise Gaol in December 2006 following a prolonged campaign for his repatriation. The campaign was notable in its ability to attract support from a broad spectrum of political parties, groups and individuals. A number of Republican groups in particular added their support to the campaign, providing a possible template for future cross-republican co-operation. éirígí continues to call for the repatriation of all prisoners viewing incarceration as punishment enough without the added burden of long distance travel being imposed on visiting families and friends. Click here for more information>>


Róisín McAliskey – A harrowing ordeal

Róisín McAliskey is the 35-years-old daughter of veteran civil-rights campaigner and socialist-republican activist, Bernadette McAliskey. On November 20, 1996, Róisín was arrested by the British police, on foot of a German government warrant, for her alleged involvement in a republican bomb attack on a British army base in Osnabruck, Germany. Despite the fact that no credible evidence was ever produced to substantiate the claims made against her, Róisín was subjected to a horrific 16-month ordeal in the English Prison system. Click here for full details>


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