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The Basque Country

Basque activists arrested by Spanish policeSince the death of fascist dictator Francisco Franco in 1977, the Spanish state has made a slow, nominal transition to democracy. The Basque Country, currently divided between the French and Spanish states, has been excluded from this process though.

Basque political parties, youth movements, cultural organisations, newspapers and prisoner support groups have been banned, under repressive Spanish legislation. Any individual or organisation in favour of Basque self-determination is considered, by the Spanish courts, to be as guilty as a member of the armed group Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA, Basque Homeland and Freedom). There are currently around 700 Basque political prisoners languishing in Spanish jails.

The pro-independence left in the Basque Country continues to resist this repression. Basque cultural, youth and trade union movements have made great strides in pressing ahead in the face of the Francoist attitudes of the Madrid government. Their language revival stands as an example to oppressed peoples around the world trying to reclaim their heritage and their tongue in spite of imperialism. The fight of all oppressed peoples is the same fight in the battle for global justice and equality.


Stories about the Basque Country from the éirígí Archives

16/10/11: Basque Solidarity Festival in Dublin.... Following the success of last year’s event, the Dublin Basque Solidarity Committee is bringing the Basque Solidarity Festival back to the capital for the second year running on Saturday 22 more>>

28/07/10: Jon Anza is Brought Home.... The body of Jon Anza, patriot and ETA activist, was finally returned to the Basque Country last week. Activists of the nationalist left welcomed him with voices chanting, flags waving and tears in their more>>

20/06/10: Repression and Resistance in the Basque Country: The youth lead the way.... You can’t blame the Youth – the classic song of Reggae legend Peter Tosh – readily comes to mind when considering the inspiring struggle of the Basque youth movement. It is a momentous story of perseverance and resistance to decades of more>>

16/02/10: Basque International Day of Solidarity Protest in Dublin.... On Saturday, February 13th, more than a dozen éirígí activists attended a picket in Dublin in solidarity with the Basque struggle for Independence. The O’Connell Street protest was organised by the Dublin Basque Solidarity more>>

20/01/10: The Case of Jon Anza.... Spain has, this month, taken on the presidency of the European Union for six months. The fact is that the Spanish Civil Guard, police and military are shooting, torturing, mutilating and kidnapping political opponents of the Spanish government, while the courts, in turn, imprison youth group members, politicians, journalists and language more>>

26/11/09: Protest against Repression in the Basque Country.... In the early hours of Tuesday morning, 34 young Basque pro-independence activists were arrested in a massive operation by Spanish state more>>

24/10/09: The Basque Fight is a European Fight.... The arrest in the past two weeks of Arnaldo Otegi and nine of his comrades from the ‘outlawed’ Batasuna party and the pro-independence trade union LAB is another sign of the oppressive methods being employed the Spanish government to stamp out the Basque nationalist more>>

15/06/09: Basque Anti-Extradition Campaign Launched.... The official launch of the Don’t Extradite the Basques Campaign took place last Wednesday in Cultúrlann MacAdam–Ó Fiaich in more>>

12/05/09: End Harassment of Basque Community in Belfast.... éirígí spokesperson Breandán Mac Cionnaith has called for tomorrow’s separate legal proceedings against Arturo ‘Beñat’ Villanueva and former Basque political prisoner and hunger-striker Iñaki de Juana to be ended more>>

22/04/09: Persecution of Basque Activist Wrong.... éirígí spokesperson Breandán Mac Cionnaith has called for legal proceedings against Arturo Villanueva to be ended more>>

11/02/09: Spirit of Franco still haunts Spanish politics.... Recent developments have once again showed that the spirit of Franco continues to haunt Spanish politics, especially when it comes to policy towards the Basque more>>

25/09/08: Iñaki Welcome in Ireland.... Iñaki de Juana Chaos, the Basque pro-independence activist and former political prisoner who travelled to Ireland on his release from jail, is facing uncertainty this week as to his future more>>

    08/07/08: Saoirse do Thír na mBascach....

    30/06/08: Demonstrate Solidarity with the Basque Country....

    02/03/07: Inaki de Juana transfered to the Basque country....

    21/02/07: Basque solidarity fast declared a success....