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“We declare the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland...”

~ 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic

Ireland's Energy Facts

Fact: The Twenty-Six Counties imports more then 85% of its energy needs. The Six Counties is similarly dependent on imported oil, gas and coal.

Fact: World reserves of easily recoverable oil and gas are slowly running out. Some experts believe that serious oil and gas shortages may occur within forty to seventy years.

Fact: In the last decade energy prices have risen dramatically. The price of energy will continue to increase over the coming years as world demand for energy increases while at the same time world reserves of oil and gas decrease.

Fact: Every year thousands of people in Ireland suffer avoidable illness and death as a direct result of ‘fuel poverty’, defined as the ‘inability to heat the home adequately because of low household income and energy inefficient housing.

Fact: A number of substantial Irish oil and gas reserves, which are located both onshore and offshore, have been discovered in recent years. Collectively these reserves may be worth hundreds of billions of euros. Many of the world's largest energy companies are already exploring for Irish oil and gas.

Fact: Under the current deal that the energy companies were given by the Dublin government the people of Ireland will receive:

  • No royalties from the oil and gas.
  • No percentage share of the oil and gas.
  • No reduced price for Irish oil and gas.
  • No guaranteed jobs.

In addition, the energy companies will only pay between 25% and 40% tax after they have written off all capital expenditure costs backdated by up to twenty-five years.

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