éirígí Leaflets

Despite recent advances in technology and communication, the age old political leaflet remains one of the most important weapons in the revolutionaries arsenal. éirígí leaflets are designed to be accessible to people of all ages and levels of political development. éirígí regularly distributes leaflets to tens of thousands of homes across Ireland.

Poblacht na nOibrithe, British Royal Visit special, April 2011

Poblacht na nOibrithe, Lower Falls election bulletin, Feb 2011

Poblacht na nOibrithe, Upper Falls election bulletin, Feb 2011

Poblacht na nOibrithe, 26-County general election special, Feb 2011

Boycott the Home Tax leaflet (2012)

Budget 2012 leaflet (2011)

Anti-imperialism leaflet (2006)

No Royal Visits leaflet (2010)

Budget 2011 leaflet (2010)

Natural Resources leaflet (2007)

Reclaim the Republic leaflet (2006)

First Lisbon referendum leaflet (2008)

Bileog Dara Reifreann Liospóin (2009)

Second Lisbon referendum leaflet (2009)

Bileog 'Níl Siad Imithe Fós...' (2007)

They Haven't Gone Away You Know leaflet (2007)

PSNI 'Different Name, Same Aim' leaflet (2010)

Spot the Difference? leaflet (2009)

Aimístear an Éagsúlacht? (2009)

No Royal Visits leaflet (2008)