éirígí Videos

The arrival of the information age offers great opportunities for progressives everywhere. For the first time in history revolutionaries can bypass the corporate media to spread their message globally. éirígí has fully embraced the potential of this new technology, regularly uploading reportage and campaign videos onto its website.


éirígí march on Windsor banquet in Dublin Castle. 18 May 2011.

Garda search Cllr Louise Minihan's car, Dublin. 18 May 2011.

éirígí oppose British Royal visit, Dublin. 17 May 2011.

Breandán Mac Cionnaith opens Saor Éire 2011, Dublin. 7 May 2011.

éirígí Easter commemoration, Belfast. 25 April 2011. (1/2)

éirígí Easter commemoration, Dublin. 24 April 2011.

'British Queen' meets the éirígí guillotine, Dublin. 16 April 2011.

Rally against cuts, Belfast. 26 March 2011.

Brian Leeson addresses Ard-Fheis, Belfast. 23 January 2011. (1/2)

Breandán Mac Cionnaith opens Ard-Fheis, Belfast. 23 January 2011.


Egyptian Arch commemoration, Newry. 12 December 2010.

Gardaí attack student demo, Dublin. 3 November 2010.

Protest against PSNI harassment, Newry. 30 October 2010.

No Royal Visits protest, Dublin. 6 September 2010.

Protest against Tony Blair, Dublin. 4 September 2010.

Reclaim the Black Mountain protest, Belfast. 7 August 2010.

Ardoyne Sit-Down Protest Attacked by PSNI. 12 July 2010.

No Royal Visits protest, Dublin. 5 July 2010.

European Week of Solidarity Against Cuts rally, Dublin. 26 June 2010.

éirígí Armed Forces Day protest, Belfast. 26 June 2010.

'No British Withdrawal? No Royal Visits!' campaign video. June 2010.

Irish protests against Gaza flotilla massacre. 31 May 2010.

Anti-capitalist protest against bank bailouts, Dublin. 18 May 2010.

Gardaí attack éirígí protest at Anglo Irish Bank. 15 May 2010.

'Right to Work' protest at Leinster House. 11 May 2010.

Brian Leeson speaks at an event in Belfast. 7 May 2010. (1/2)

éirígí occupation of Anglo Irish Bank, Dublin. 24 April 2010.

éirígí and the IPSC mark Palestinian Prisoners Day. 17 April 2010. (1/2)

Independent protest for republican prisoners, Belfast. 8 April 2010.

éirígí Easter commemoration, Belfast. 5 April 2010. (1/4)

éirígí Easter commemoration, Dublin. 4 April 2010. (1/2)

Protest for Pat 'the Chief' O'Donnell, Castlerea Prison. 27 March 2010.

Brian Leeson on BBC Spotlight about devolution of policing. 9 February 2010.

'PSNI - Different Name, Same Aim' campaign video. February 2010.

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