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The Ongoing Class Struggle in Greece


With every passing day the crises of capitalism and the European Union continue to worsen. The measures that are being deployed in an attempt to resolve these crises are incapable of doing so without, at the very least, producing serious consequences in the form of what is increasingly widespread resistance at a national, European and global level.

The ‘structural adjustment programmes’ and ‘austerity’ measures being imposed by the IMF/EU/ECB and willingly implemented by their surrogate governments are in fact heightening the contradictions at the heart of ‘neoliberalism’ and giving rise to what is becoming a massive and multi-faceted global tendency for a new system of politics and economics.

Nowhere is the class struggle more heightened at present than it is in Greece. The fate of the European working class and the need for a fundamental transformation in the way the humanity exists will in many respects be greatly influenced by the course of the struggle in Greece.

Amongst the organisations at the forefront of that struggle is the KKE (Communist Party of Greece). In the video below the KKE outlines both the origins of the current situation globally and in Greece and the part it is playing in the struggle to create another more just world.