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Minihan Will Not Pay Harney Fine


Louise MinihanHaving been convicted of both assault and causing criminal damage on Friday last [February 25] éirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has today confirmed that she has no intention of paying the €1,500 fine imposed by the court.

Speaking from her Ballyfermot constituency today Louise said:

“The pouring of diluted red paint on Mary Harney’s clothes was a legitimate form of political protest which should never have come before the courts. Given the scale of suffering and misery that Harney has been responsible for, my protest was totally justified and proportionate.

“I have no intention of paying the €1,500 fine that was imposed by the court. To do so would make a hypocrite of me and the socialist republican politics I believe in. If the state chooses to jail me for non-payment of the fine so be it.”

Explaining why she refused the option of making a donation to a charity of Mary Harney’s choice Louise said:

“The judge asked me if I would be willing to make a donation to a charity of Mary Harney’s choice, by way of compensation. I replied that I would be willing to make a charitable donation to Cherry Orchard Hospital but not to a charity of Harney’s choosing. I did so because my protest was about Cherry Orchard Hospital and the provision of healthcare to the people of Cherry Orchard, Ballyfermot and the surrounding areas. The judge chose not accept my offer of a donation to the hospital and instead gave me the €1,500 fine.”

In conclusion Louise encouraged other people to get involved in the fight back against the cutbacks to the health system and other public services:

“Unfortunately the change of government is going to make no difference to the health system. Fine Gael and Labour have already committed themselves to the EU/IMF deal which is going to see further cutbacks to all public services, including healthcare. Our community and our country are worth fighting for. We all deserve a far better system that the current one, or the one that Fine Gael are talking about.

“We in éirígí are fully committed to working with communities to develop a grass roots movement against the cutbacks and EU/IMF interference in Irish affairs. I would encourage people to get involved in the fight back sooner rather than later.”


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