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It’s Not Too Late to Stop Shell in Mayo


Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson has stated that it is still not too late to stop the giveaway of the Corrib Gas Field. Leeson was speaking as Shell prepares to commence work on the final stages of its highly controversial gas pipeline in Co Mayo. On Sunday night [July 29] a massive Tunnel Boring Machine [TBM] began its 320km journey from Dublin Port to Rossport in North-West Mayo.

Shell intends to use the TBM to drill a tunnel for a section of the high pressure pipeline that will link the Corrib Gas Field to the private energy giant’s refinery in Ballinaboy. éirígí video footage of the TBM convoy, complete with massive Garda escort, leaving Dublin Port late on Sunday night can be viewed below:

Speaking from Dublin, Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson said, “Once again the Fine Gael/ Labour coalition have opted to put the interests of big business ahead of the needs of the people. The massive scale of the Garda operation to assist the transportation of Shell’s TBM to Mayo is just the latest example of how far the state is willing to go to facilitate the raping of Ireland’s national resources by private corporations. Those who witnessed the Garda operation on Sunday night and Monday morning compared it to the security operation what was put in place in May of last year to facilitate another unwelcome visitor – Elizabeth Windsor.

“Over the last forty years successive Dublin governments have facilitated the giveaway of tens of billions of euro’s worth of Irish hydrocarbons. Unfortunately the gas from Kinsale, Ballycotton and the Seven Heads is now all but gone, but in the battle for the gas and oil in Corrib, Barryroe and elsewhere there is still everything to fight for.

Protest against TBM's passage through Sligo, July 30

“Shell would like people to think that the battle for Corrib has been all but lost and that the installation of the last few kilometres of pipeline will represent the final chapter in that story, but they know that this is not the case. It will take Shell at least ten years, and potentially much longer, to empty the Corrib reserve. Until that happens the fight for Corrib will continue, so Shell would do well to prepare for another decade of conflict in Ireland.

TBM jackknifed at Glenamoy Bridge, Mayo

“Ireland’s hydrocarbon resources belong to the people of Ireland by Right. This Right cannot be legislated out of existence by the laws of the corrupt gombeen men that have run this state since the time of partition. The campaign of resistance which has been waged in North-West Mayo over the last decade has succeeded in stalling the criminal exploitation of Corrib, whilst simultaneously highlighting the wider giveaway of Ireland’s oil and gas reserves. The people of Ireland owe a great debt to all of those that have participated in that campaign of resistance.”

Leeson concluded, “éirígí believes that Ireland’s oil and gas reserves have the potential to become one of the engines of a new Irish economy – an economy that is controlled by, and provides benefit to, all of Irish society. The wealth generated from Barryroe, Corrib and elsewhere could be used to provide funding for hospitals, schools and other essential public services. With the necessary political will and the stroke of a pen the extreme hardships of the current austerity programme could thus be eliminated.”


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