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Minihan Expresses Solidarity with Sacked Target Workers


Target workers in Corkéirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has expressed the socialist republican party’s support for the former workers of Target Express.

On Tuesday [August 28] it was announced that Target Express would cease trading, resulting in the loss of 400 jobs across Ireland. Target’s Managing Director, Seamus O’Brien, has claimed that he was forced to cease trading after the Revenue Commissioners seized the company’s bank accounts, leaving him unable to pay his employees’ wages.

In response to the announcement, Target Express employees and sub- contractors staged a series of direct actions, demanding back-dated wages, redundancy payments and other entitlements. Workers at the company’s Mulhuddart Depot in Dublin began a blockade of the premises preventing all traffic going in or out, whilst a work place occupation was staged at Target’s premises in Little Island, County Cork. Workers’ representatives have confirmed that some members of staff have not received their wages for two weeks, while some sub-contractors have not been paid in more than seven weeks.

Speaking from Ballyfermot, Councillor Louise Minihan said, “I would like to express éirígí’s full support for the sacked workers at Target Express. I would also like to commend those employees and sub-contractors who have taken a stand for their rights and engaged in workplace protests. Their actions serve as an inspiration to other workers across the country.

“In today’s economic climate many families are forced to live from hand to mouth. That workers have not received their wages for up to seven weeks is an absolute disgrace. Some of the Target workers have reported that they are already struggling to pay their rent and mortgages as a result. At least one worker is potentially facing eviction from his home because he has not been paid. All of this is completely unacceptable.”

Minihan continued, “This is a crazy situation which cannot be allowed to continue. The state now has an obligation to ensure all workers receive all the wages and entitlements that they are due. I would also call on the people of Ireland to support the Target Express workers and their campaign for full payment of their wages and entitlements.”


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