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éirígí activists build for 9th November.


éirígí activists this evening protested at two Shell service stations in Dublin city. In a pattern that has become familiar over the last two years of anti-Shell protests virtually no motorists passed the pickets at the stations in Tallaght and in Beaumont. Tonight's pickets were organised as part of the build up to a major national mobilisation to the site of Shell's proposed gas refinery in Erris, Co Mayo on November 9th. The mobilisation coincides with the twelve year anniversary of the execution of Ken Sora Wiwa by the Nigerian military government and the twelve month anniversary of a garda baton charge outside of Shell's site in Ballinaboy, Co Mayo.

Speaking at tonight's picket in Tallaght éirígí's Daithi Mac An Mhaistír drew parallels between the two events, 'While accepting the clear difference in severity between what happened in Nigeria twelve years ago and what happened in Erris twelve months ago there are still valid comparisons to be made. In both incidents the government of the day was willing to use brute force to crush those who would oppose Shell as it set about the robbery of a valuable natural resource and the destruction of the environment.'

Daithi continued by encouraging people to travel to Mayo on November 9th, 'We in éirígí are asking everyone who objects to the giveaway of Ireland's oil and gas reserves, most especially at a time when a barrel of oil is heading for the one hundred dollar mark, to make it their business to be on the oil road outside the Shell site in Ballinaboy for 8am on November 9th.

on the picket line



Tallaght Shell garage

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