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Tipperary Hospital Overcrowding ‘Out of Control’


South Tipperary General Hospitaléirígí Tiobraid Árann spokesperson Mike Edwards has stated that overcrowding in South Tipperary General Hospital is now ‘out of control’. Edwards was responding to recent statistics released by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation Trolley Watch Survey, which showed that up to twenty patients at a time are being forced to wait on hospital trolleys until beds are available.

Speaking from Tipperary Mike said, “The health service across the Twenty- Six Counties is growing progressively worse with every passing month. Our hospitals are being starved of the funding that is required to provide vital, and often life-saving, services in order to satisfy the demands of the Troika.

“This underfunding has led to a crisis in many hospitals where patients are left lying on trolleys in corridors, often in appalling conditions. Overcrowding in South Tipperary General Hospital is now out of control with large numbers of people now routinely waiting on trolleys for long periods of time.

“In many cases patients are expected to endure the indignity and discomfort of sleeping on a trolley in a busy public corridor adjacent to the accident and emergency department. There is little or no privacy for these patients with fellow patients and staff constantly passing up and down the corridor. To make matters worse patients in the hospital routinely have to share public toilets during their stay. Patients are effectively being deprived of not only adequate health care, but also their dignity and sense of security.”

Mike concluded by calling for a complete overhaul of the healthcare system, “Despite the vast wealth created during the Celtic Tiger, we still have a sub-standard healthcare system in this state. While the TDs and Ministers who implement the cuts to our health services can afford the luxuries of private healthcare, the rest of us have no choice but to use the crumbling public health service.

“This inequality within society must end and a radical transformation of the healthcare system must take place. People’s welfare and dignity must be paramount within such a system. We in éirígí are calling for the creation of a one-tier, world-class, public healthcare system that treats patients on the basis of need and not their financial status.”


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