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Budget 2013 – March on Leinster House!


On Wednesday (December 5) the Dublin government will reveal its 2013 Budget. It is widely expected to contain a ‘correction’ of 3.5 billion euro – a ‘correction’ which will blow a chill wind across the Twenty-Six Counties; a ‘correction’ which will result in more people joining the dole queues; a ‘correction’ which will force ever greater numbers of people to leave the country of their birth; a ‘correction’ which will be measured in closed hospital wards and increased class sizes; a ‘correction’ which will see the average family paying out more while taking in less.

And just over three months later, in March 2013, the Dublin government will pay 3.1 billion euro to fund the bailout of the private banking sector.

Anti-austerity march, November 24

What further proof could possibly be needed of the truly corrupt nature of the Twenty-Six County state? On the one hand it attacks its own citizens with cutbacks and tax hikes, while on the other hand it bankrolls the insatiable greed of the bankers, financiers and money markets.

Some people hoped that a change of government would lead to a change of policy or direction, that Fine Gael and Labour might somehow be better than Fianna Fáil and the Green Party. Those hopes have now been hopelessly exposed. In truth the establishment political parties are simply incapable of delivering the kind of change that is needed. It is not the function of the establishment parties to challenge the very system that nurtures them. Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour, Sinn Féin and the rest of them have shown in Leinster House, in Stormont and in local authorities across this island that they are the willing stooges of big business and the ruling class.

It is not a change of government that is needed – it is a change of system. And that change of system will not come from the fat cats in Leinster House and Stormont. It can only, and will only, come from the victims of austerity – the people themselves on the streets, in the workplace and within the community.

Two weeks ago up to twenty thousand people took to the streets of Dublin in opposition to austerity. On Wednesday the people will be on the streets again, marching on Leinster House to protest against Budget 2013 and the hardship that it will bring to millions of Irish citizens. Join with éirígí at this protest and bring your rage to the gates of Leinster House.

Protest assembles at the Central Bank on Dame Street at 4.30pm before marching to Leinster House. Bígí Linn.


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