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Successful information stall in Newry


éirígí held a very successful information stall in Newry city centre yesterday [September 3].

The stall was in place for several hours in Hill Street and attracted much attention from many people on this busy shopping day.

Several éirígí activists manned the stall and distributed almost 2,000 éirígí publications highlighting a number of issues including the socio-economic situation, the unchanged nature of Britain’s locally recruited militia, the PSNI, and the blight of sectarian intimidation and harassment endured by the people of Newry in recent times. Badges, flags, stickers, proclamations and posters were also available on the stall.

Newry information stall

Speaking at the stall éirígí’s Stephen Murney commended the local activists for holding the event.

Stephen said, “We are here today to engage with the people of Newry at a grassroots level, on the streets. Many of them are deeply angered and worried about the draconian cuts being imposed on them by the Tories through the Stormont administration as well as the impeding rise in electricity and coal prices.

“It was very heartening to see both young and old showing an interest in éirígí. Several relatives of fallen volunteers also approached us and commended us for the great work we have been doing.

Newry information stall

“Today we showed working class people that there is an alternative and that it doesn’t have to be this way. The wealth of this country belongs, of right, to the people of this country, not to the British government, their accomplices in Stormont, multinational companies or a small class of native capitalists. It is time to recognise what has failed the working class people of Ireland. Capitalism has failed, British rule has failed, partition has failed and Stormont has failed. It is time to start laying the foundation stones of a new society, a society based on socialism and national independence.

“The starting point is fighting back. Fighting to defend the public services and workers’ wages and conditions; fighting against unemployment and British government-Stormont cutbacks.”

Stephen concluded, “We would like to thank the people of Newry for the warm welcome we received. Such was the success of this community engagement initiative we are now exploring the possibility of making this a regular event.”


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