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New Online Petition Against ‘British Queen’ Visit


Elizabeth Windsoréirígí has launched a new online petition as part of its campaign of opposition to British royal visits to Ireland. The petition demands that Enda Kenny and his incoming government abandon any plans to invite the British Head of State, aka the ‘British Queen’, on an official state visit to the Twenty-Six Counties. It has been widely speculated in recent weeks that just such an invitation is to be issued imminently, with the visit to take place in mid May.

The last visit by a reigning British monarch to the twenty-six county area took place in 1911. On that occasion James Connolly and Constance Markievicz led the opposition on the streets and in the press. One hundred years later and modern technology allows everyone with access to the internet to add their voice to the campaign against the visit. The wording of the petition reads:

“Enda Kenny - The British Queen is not Welcome in Ireland!

“It is widely believed that the incoming Dublin government will invite the British head of state, Elizabeth Windsor, aka The British Queen, to make a state visit to the Twenty-Six Counties in mid May 2011. Millions of Irish people across the globe are deeply opposed to this visit for a variety of reasons. Some oppose the idea of welcoming the head of state of a country that continues to illegally occupy the Six Counties. Some oppose the idea of welcoming the Commander in Chief of the British Army which has so recently inflicted untold suffering on the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan. Others oppose the idea of spending up to €15,000,000.00 hosting a British royal visit whilst public services are being cut back and social welfare is being reduced. Whatever your reason for opposing a British royal visit to the Twenty-Six Counties please sign the petition below.

“We the undersigned are deeply opposed to a state visit to the Twenty-Six Counties by the British head of State, aka the British Queen. We demand that Enda Kenny and his incoming government abandon all plans to invite Elizabeth Windsor to Dublin or any other part of Ireland.”

The petition can be accessed at the following link:

Add your name to the growing opposition to a visit by the ‘British Queen’ and encourage your family and friend to do likewise. Together we can make sure that Britain’s attempts to ‘normalise’ its occupation of the Six Counties is stopped in its tracks. No British Withdrawal? No Royal Visits!’

If you are interested in helping éirígí’s campaign against a visit by the ‘British Queen’ please email or phone (00353) 086 236 72 98.


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