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Greyhound Wasters Fail to Collect – Again!


Damien FarrellWhile the privatisation of Dublin City Council’s bin collection service may be working out nicely for the owners of the Greyhound waste disposal company, the same cannot be said for the residents of Dublin 8. Recent weeks have seen éirígí activists in the area being inundated with complaints about litter, dumping and Greyhound’s failure to collect properly tagged refuse bags.

On Tuesday, March 27, éirígí representative for the South West Inner City (SWIC) Damien Farrell met with residents of Rialto Cottages who are outraged with the poor quality of service being provided by Greyhound. Residents pointed out the piles of tagged bin bags which still remain piled on street corners off Rialto Street and Cottages.

Residents are angered that these collection points are now being used for illegal dumping. They told Damien that, despite the fact that this dumping had been reported to Dublin City Council Waste Management, the refuse had still not been collected. Even when residents went to the expense of tagging the illegally dumped refuse, Greyhound still failed to collect.

Speaking from SWIC Damien said, “The privatisation of the bin collection service in Dublin City has been nothing short of a complete disaster. When Greyhound first took over the service they claimed that they were having a few teething problems, which would be quickly rectified. But here we are weeks later and they are still leaving rubbish lying on the streets of the city.

Uncollected rubbish“Once again the privatisation of a vital public service has been shown to benefit the owners of a private company and nobody else. Residents, businesses, workers and working conditions have all suffered as a result of this privatisation. The current situation will only get worse when Greyhound’s charges increase and the waiver scheme comes to an end. When that happens tens of thousands of families will find it very difficult to legally dispose of their waste, a situation that will inevitably lead to more illegal dumping and all of the associated environmental and health risks.

“We are calling for Dublin City Council to reverse their decision to privatise the bin collection service and to replace Greyhound’s sub-standard service with one that is both efficient and sustainable. In the meantime I will be taking up the issues that have been raised by residents with DCC Waste Management and Councillor Louise Minihan will also follow them up with DCC officials at the first available opportunity.”


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