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People of Cork Resist Threat to Northside Hospital


St Mary's Orthopaedic HospitalFor years, St Mary’s Orthopaedic Hospital in Baker’s Road on the northside of Cork City has been of invaluable service to the people of the area.

Currently, it provides 90 much-needed beds for orthopaedic purposes, many of which are now occupied by local elderly patients. Over the past number of years the hospital has been gradually run down and downgraded, with vitally-needed services being transferred to Cork University Hospital, which is already badly overstretched.

Throughout the summer and autumn months, the hospital, which employs over 200 staff, was the scene of numerous protests by local residents and others due to Dublin government plans to close the facility. These protests, at which local éirígí members were present, drew crowds of over 150 people in what were lunchtime demonstrations in the middle of the working week.

If St Mary’s is closed, it will result in a huge loss of services to the people of Cork’s northside and will leave tens of thousands of people in that part of the city without a hospital.

The proposed closure of St Mary’s is but one example of the massive onslaught on public services faced by working class people in Cork and across the country in general. It is up to working class people to continue to protest and resist the closure of our hospitals, our schools and our community services; in the context of bank guarantees and ‘recapitalisations’, such cuts are intolerable.

It is only through mass public action that the likes of St Mary’s can be saved from those who wish to take such vital services away from the public.


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