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Pre-Budget Protest in Inchicore


On Friday [December 2] members of éirígí held a pre-budget protest at the constituency office of Fine Gael TD Catherine Byrne in Inchicore Village, Dublin.

The protest, which was jointly organised by éirígí Ciorcail in Ballyfemot and in the South West Inner City [SWIC], received a great response from people in the area with several passers by stopping to take part and to express their fears at the impact the budget will have for local communities, for workers, for the unemployed and elderly relatives.

No More Cutbacks, Join the Fightback

Protesters held a large banner which said ‘No More Cutbacks! Join the Fightback!’ and several placards with messages including: ‘Fianna Fáil/ Fine Gael, Different name, Same Aim!’, ‘Fund Communities – Not Banks!’ and ‘Make the Rich Pay!’. The Protest got a very warm welcome from rush hour traffic with many passing motorists beeping in support.

Speaking at the protest, éirígí spokesperson Cllr. Louise Minihan said, “éirígí organised this protest to bring the fightback right into the hearts of local communities. In the run up to the budget éirígí has organised a series of protests which are a great way for people to show their anger and opposition to the actions of the Fine Gael/ Labour coalition.

“What is clear from this protest tonight is that the anger towards the government is palpable. Despite the almost freezing conditions here tonight many people stopped to express their support for our protest and their outrage at the Twenty-Six County government.”

Make the Rich Pay

Louise continued, “If Fine Gael/Labour think they can get away with cuts to social welfare, to our public services, to funding for communities, education and health, they have a wake up call coming. Our protest tonight is not the end of our campaign. Those whose aim to make workers, their families and communities pay for a crisis they did not create, will be met on the streets with an ongoing campaign of resistance.

“In the coming weeks and months, éirígí will continue to work in communities to build a genuine fightback to the savage attack’s on the working class, street by street community by community.”

If you would like to join éirígí in Ballyfermot or the South West Inner City or would like to help us with our campaigns in the area please click here.


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