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Here Are The Shirts Off Our Backs


Early on Friday evening [December 2], activists from the socialist republican party éirígí in Cill Mhantáin targeted their anger against Budget 2012 with a flying picket protest at Fine Gael TD Billy Timmins’ new Arklow constituency office.

The protest drew great support from the people on the busy Arklow Street with the message on the éirígí Banner which called for people to ‘Fight the Cutbacks’ and also activists pinned shirts to the outside of the Fine Gael office with posters reading ‘Here’s the shirts off our backs’, Passing traffic sounded their car horns and pedestrians signalled their support with applause and thumbs up on a rainy Friday.

Here's the shirts off our backs

Speaking at the demonstration éirígí activist Adrian O’Reilly said, “Once again we will see another 26-County budget target the working and unemployed people of Wicklow and across this state, while the rich elite get off lightly, the same 1% rich elite who still sit in comfort while controlling nearly 40 per cent of the state’s wealth.”

Adrian continued, “Families and individuals from working class areas will be hit hard in Budget 2012 by this Fine Gael / Labour party Government, as they continue to bail out zombie banks and continue to shovel hard-earned money into the coffers of global capitalist bond holders and corporate banking institutions.

Fight the Cutbacks

“This 26-County Government just like the previous Fianna Fáil-ran Government tell us that we must obey our masters in the “troika” of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. They say we must continue to protect the wild speculators, banksters and politicians who got us into this mess, while they push the introduction of the household tax, which incorporates septic tank charges and the start to domestic water rates.”

Adrian stated that enough is enough, the people of Wicklow have given ‘the shirts off their backs’ it is now time to fight-back. “éirígí are calling on our communities to join the many protests being organised to fight the anti-working class Budget 2012. We cannot give any more, it is time to show those in power that the Irish people are sovereign and not beholden to foreign or domestic economic tyranny.”


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