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Garda Behaviour Slammed


Louise Minihanéirígí Dublin city councillor Louise Minihan has expressed the socialist republican party’s outrage at the revelation that Gardaí threatened to rape two women who were arrested during a Shell to Sea protest in north Mayo last Thursday [March 31].

“For almost a decade, the community in Erris have faced violence and intimidation from Gardaí and private security guards,” Minihan said.

“Much of this has gone unreported by the mainstream media. Yesterday’s revelation that Gardaí laughed about raping two women in their custody represents a new low and is a shocking indictment of the culture that permeates within the force.

“Victims of sexual violence and those organisations that work with them will be particularly horrified to hear supposed guardians of the peace jokingly discuss committing violent sexual attacks against women. How can any woman have confidence in reporting acts of sexual violence when this is the sort of attitude displayed by members of the Gardaí?”

Minihan added: “Those of us who seek to challenge the status quo in this state are all too familiar with the petty harassment and casual violence deployed by members of the Gardaí.

“The Erris community has made a brave stand in challenging state and corporate power, while Gardaí have been given a free hand to bully, intimidate and violently assault those opposed to Shell’s dangerous project and the giveaway of our natural resources.

“Yesterday’s revelations make it clear that the force is out of control and highlights the contempt they hold for the right to protest.”


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