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éirígí Wexford to Picket Brendan Howlin’s Office


éirígí New Ross Councillor John Dwyer has announced details of an éirígí protest in Wexford town which will take place at 11am on Saturday, October 13. The picket will take place at the constituency office of Twenty-Six County public expenditure and reform minister Brendan Howlin, which is located in the SIPTU building at Coolcotts in the town.

The focus of the protest will be the Labour Party’s support for cuts to social protection payments generally and child benefit in particular. This is one of a number of similar protests being organised by éirígí across the Twenty-Six Counties.

Speaking in relation to the protest, John Dwyer stated, “It is beyond belief that the Labour Party are willing to entertain the notion of implementing a host of social welfare cuts at the behest of the most reactionary elements in Irish society.

“Not content with the savage cuts to child benefit already announced in the last budget, Brendan Howlin and his party seem hell bent on dismantling the much needed system of social supports that was campaigned for and slowly built over many decades.”

Calling on community groups working with the disadvantaged and individuals alike to join in the protest, Councillor Dwyer went on to say, “Labour claim to be proud of their founding fathers, Connolly and Larkin, but even a cursory glance at the policies they seem intent on pursuing, clearly shows how far they have moved from the principles of such men.

“I would encourage groups and individuals who are opposed to the Dublin government’s austerity programme to join with us and make their voices heard. Together we need to take inspiration from the people of Greece, Spain, Iceland and other countries. Popular protests have produced victories in those countries and they will produce victories here too.”

Dwyer concluded by appealing to socialist republicans from the South East to join the protest, “We are specifically inviting republicans in Wexford and the surrounding counties to join our anti-cutbacks protest. Republicans have been to the fore of driving positive change in this country for centuries.

“Now, more than ever, the people of this country need a strong radical republican movement and for that to develop we need those republicans who have dropped out of the struggle in recent years to get re-involved. Saturday’s protest gives such people a perfect opportunity to take the first step in re-building the republican struggle in Wexford.”


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