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Inchicore shows the way!


On Saturday [February 6th] up to twenty people took part in an anti-cutbacks protest on Tyrconnell Road, Inchicore village, which had been called by éirígí’s local ciorcal.

The protest, which lasted for well over an hour, was the third anti-cutback protest organised by éirígí in local communities across the capital in recent weeks. Those protesting, which included members of éirígí and the local community, had their morale boosted when a number of passers by stopped to join the picket.

Located at the fork in the road in Inchicore Village, the protest, which was clearly visible to traffic from all approaches, was warmly received by motorists and bus passengers alike.

Protest against cutbacks

Speaking at the protest éirígí spokesperson, Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan said:

“Last Saturday we held a similar protest in Ballyfermot. This week our protest in neighbouring Inchicore gives another local community, a chance to voice their disgust and anger at the actions of those in positions of power.

“In December the Twenty-Six County government took a very conscious decision to make the poor pay the price for the current economic mess. Dublin City Council's budget only added insult to injury with the removal of the wavier on bin charges, further punishing the most vulnerable in our society.

Protest against cutbacks

“With the series of protests in local communities, such as the one today, éirígí are stepping up our campaign to show both the Dublin government and Dublin City Council that people all across this city do not intend to take these attacks lying down.

“éirígí in Dublin South Central are commited to working with the people of Ballyfermot, Chapelizod, Crumlin, Drimnagh, Inchicore and the South West Inner City to ensure they are not forced to pay for the greed of the rich and powerful. It’s time to make the rich pay for the mess that they created.”

If you are interested in joining or helping éirígí in Dublin South Central, or anywhere in Ireland, please:

Phone: 00353 (0) 86 236 72 98


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