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Hands Off Our Child Benefit Protest Held in Inchicore


On Monday [November 5], up to two dozen people took part in a ‘Hands Off Our Child Benefit’ protest outside Fine Gael TD Catherine Byrne’s constituency office in Inchicore Village. The event, which was organised by éirígí in Dublin South Central, was timed to coincide with Catherine Byrne’s weekly advice clinic and began at 6.30pm.

Hands Off Our Child Benefit

Those taking part in the protest displayed large banners and placards which read ‘Hands Off Our Child Benefit’. Hundreds of leaflets outlining the reason behind the protest were handed out to passers-by. Shortly after 7pm Catherine Byrne arrived at the clinic, but rather than give answers to the questions of the protesters she rushed inside her office.

Speaking from the protest, éirígí representative for the South Inner City, Damien Farrell said, “Tonight’s protest has been a great success. Our protest has sent a clear message to Catherine Byrne and Fine Gael that attacks on Child Benefit will not be taken lightly by the people of Dublin South Central. éirígí organised this evening’s protest as part of an ongoing campaign to give the local community the opportunity to take to the streets and show the government politicians, who supposedly represent us, how angry our communities are at the years of slash and burn cuts that have been inflicted on us.

Hands Off Our Child Benefit

“The hypocrisy of Fine Gael and Labour on the issue of our children’s rights and welfare is plain to see and must also be challenged. At the same time that the Dublin government are paying lip service to children’s rights with the referendum campaign, they are also considering a proposal that will slash Child Benefit by up to €40, a cut that would have a devastating effect on the welfare of many children. The irony of that contradiction has not been lost on parents and families and the anger at such hypocrisy is palpable.”

éirígí Ballyfermot spokesperson, Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan said, “In the run up to December’s budget it is of vital importance that those who are opposed to the cutbacks take to the streets and make their voices heard. Solidarity and people power is our greatest weapon in defeating austerity. Protests like this evening’s are important to remind local TDs that they are answerable to the communities they represent.”

Hands Off Our Child Benefit

Louise continued, “Tonight’s protest has been such a success that it has been decided to make it a weekly event in the run up to the budget. The protest will take place every Monday evening between now and December 5th at 6.30pm outside Catherine Byrne’s clinic in Inchicore. I would encourage parents families and residents from Ballyfermot, Bluebell, Drimnagh Inchicore and the South Inner City to come along to the weekly protests and send the Fine Gael/ Labour Coalition the clear message that attacks on our children and our communities will not be taken lying down!”


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