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éirígí Launches Stormont Isn’t Working Campaign


Stormont Isn't WorkingRúnaí ginearálta éirígí Breandán Mac Cionnaith has announced the launch of the socialist republican party’s Stormont Isn’t Working campaign, which will highlight the inability of the puppet body to solve the economic crisis.

Mac Cionnaith said: “According to the British government’s own statistics, there are currently more than 110,000 people seeking work in the Six Counties. There are tens of thousands on housing and hospital waiting lists, and thousands more experiencing fuel poverty or waiting on cuts to their already meagre benefits. Meanwhile, workers’ wages and conditions are under attack and many are facing the prospect of forced unemployment.

“The point of éirígí’s Stormont Isn’t Working campaign is to highlight the fact that, while the British government is ultimately responsible for the public service cuts, the Stormont administration in unwilling and unable to do anything to resist them. The Stormont administration will eventually be forced to implement British government cuts, despite the posturing of the local establishment parties.

“Indeed, it should not be forgotten that the Stormont executive, through its programme for government 2008-11, had already agreed to £1.65 billion [€2 billion] of cuts in public expenditure. Earlier this year, the same executive approved another £350 million [€420 million] in cuts, bringing the total cuts approved so far by Stormont to a total of £2 billion [€2.4 billion].”

Slash Stormont Not ServicesMac Cionnaith added: “éirígí has produced tens of thousands of leaflets, posters, stickers and banners as part of this campaign, which will be distributed and erected across the Six Counties in the weeks ahead. We will also be commissioning a number of murals and organising a number of protests and demonstrations, as well as taking part in the broader campaign against the cuts.

“Working class communities and those workers organised in trade unions must take the lead in opposing the wreckers’ agenda of the British government and its Stormont administration. Only a determined campaign of resistance, incorporating demonstrations and civil disobedience, can stop the right-wing politicians and business people in their tracks.

“The message must be made clear to the British government and those who are prepared to do their dirty work in the Six Counties – they will not get away with what amounts to murder.”


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