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Windsors Still Not Welcome in Ireland


Brian LeesonCathaoirleach éirígí, Brian Leeson, has slammed Enda Kenny’s decision to invite William and Kate Windsor to Ireland and reaffirmed the socialist republican party’s opposition to all British royal visits to Ireland. Leeson described the invitation as ‘an embarrassment’ designed to portray the relationship between Ireland and Britain as ‘normal’.

Speaking from Dublin, Leeson said, “Enda Kenny’s invitation to the two members of the British royal family must been seen in the correct context. British royal visits to Ireland are a part of a wider ‘normalisation’ strategy designed to create an illusion of ‘normality’ in the relationship between Britain and Ireland.

“In reality, the Six Counties remain under an illegal occupation which is enforced by 5,000 British troops, 9,000 paramilitary police, and hundreds of MI5 spies. There is nothing normal about the relationship between Ireland and Britain and there cannot be so long as Britain continues to claim jurisdiction over any part of this country.”

Commenting on the 2011 Elizabeth Windsor state visit Leeson said, “In 2011, the Twenty-Six County state launched one of the largest security operations in its history to facilitate a visit by the Commander-in-Chief of the British military, Elizabeth Windsor. Despite the best laid plans of the political establishment that visit confirmed that there is nothing normal about the relationship between Ireland and Britain.

“Thousands of Gardaí and soldiers were drafted into Dublin to create a ghost city surrounded by a ‘ring of steel’ and armed checkpoints. For virtually a full week the city was put into lock-down with street closures and draconian restrictions on vehicle and pedestrian movement. The myth of normalisation was smashed as Elizabeth Windsor gazed out from her armoured car onto the empty streets of Dublin.

“At the time of that visit we were told that it would encourage tourism which would more than pay for the mammoth security operation. And yet one year later the government have yet to reveal how much the entire visit cost and the number of British tourists visiting this state has actually dropped. This is just one more example of the lies of the political establishment being exposed.”

Leeson continued, “It is unsurprising that the ruling elite are once again falling over themselves to prostrate at the feet of the British monarchy. Kenny’s crawling is an embarrassment to behold. At a time when the Fine Gael/Labour coalition are planning to implement even more savage austerity cuts in the upcoming budget, another British royal visit only adds insult to the injuries of working class communities across this state. Schools, hospitals and other essential public services will ultimately suffer so that a couple of archaic parasites can be wined and dined by the Fine Gael/Labour coalition.”


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