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PSNI action against Ardoyne residents criticised


PSNIA spokesperson for the socialist republican party, éirígí, has criticised a PSNI operation directed against residents of Ardoyne in north Belfast.

Pádraic Mac Coitir said, “PSNI personnel called at the homes of various nationalist residents in Ardoyne to formally caution them for taking part in a recent peaceful protest against sectarian marches.

“The residents’ protest in question was a totally peaceful one which was confined to the footpaths and did not in any way impede traffic. Nevertheless, the PSNI are now cautioning residents with a view to charging them.

“During the past week, senior PSNI officers have repeatedly said in broadcast interview and media statements, made in relation to loyalist protests in Belfast and elsewhere, that they would facilitate peaceful protests.”

Mac Coitir continued, “Those statements were made as unionists blocked roads and traffic, organised illegal marches, engaged in widespread violence and attacked people and property in an orchestrated series of Drumcree-style actions. Unionist paramilitary leaders also made veiled threats against nationalists living in interface areas.

“Time and time again, the PSNI has shown that it uses one set of laws for unionists and another set of laws for nationalists.

“The PSNI actions against residents in Ardoyne contrast strongly with their inactions when dealing with unionists.”


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