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The Kerry Plan: An Unacceptable Proposal


Kerry Shall Not PassUnited States of America Secretary of State John Kerry is currently attempting to broker a ‘peace deal’ between Palestinians and the occupying Israeli state. He hopes to unveil the framework proposal in the coming months. However his plan is deeply flawed and dangerous for the cause of Palestine.

The deal aims to destroy the inalienable right of Palestinians to return to their land, instead attempting to ‘replace’ this right with compensation funds. This is a completely unacceptable proposal. Over six million Palestinians are currently living as refugees, waiting to return to their rightful homes from which they were driven by Israeli forces in 1948.

The refugee situation is one of core importance to the Palestinian people, one which needs immediate attention and yet the proposal put forward by Kerry completely undermines their claim and actually attempts to destroy the right of return forever. No amount of compensation can undo the years of suffering and marginalisation for the refugees.

The framework is also thought to include the positioning of Israeli troops in the Jordan Valley, a vital resource for Palestinians. The Palestinian ‘state’ envisaged by both the Americans and the Israelis is a state without sovereignty or the right to self-determination.

In the past, negotiating with Israel has merely consolidated the occupation of Palestine as witnessed with the Oslo agreement of 1993. Since that deal the amount of Israeli settlers in the West Bank has more than doubled and thousands of Palestinian homes have been demolished. Israel has also built a huge Apartheid Wall, declared illegal by international law; around the West Bank in this time.

Negotiations in the past have acted as mere window dressing, an attempt by the Israelis to convince the world that they desire peace while they continue their destruction of the West Bank. There is widespread anger among Palestinians that the Palestinian Authority has even considered engaging in negotiations while Israel continues with its illegal settlement building in the West Bank.

Further, it is absurd to think that the US can act as the honest broker it wishes to be perceived as. Such is the power of the ‘American Israel Public Affairs Committee’, the right wing pro-Israeli lobby group, that every decision made will be in favour of the Israelis. Politicians or journalists who criticise Israeli actions run the risk of being labelled anti-Semitic and having their careers in the US ruined by AIPAC. Very few speak out. The United States has been, and continues to be, an enemy of Palestine, firmly entrenched on the Israeli side diplomatically and militarily. Israel has consistently received more US ‘aid’ than any other nation. This ‘aid’ nearly always takes the form of weapons or cash with which to buy them. Smart bombs, fighter jets, helicopters and other state of the art weapons have all been given to Israel and used against civilians in the West Bank and Gaza.

The idea then that Kerry can be an even-handed, impartial negotiator is utterly farcical. Almost as ridiculous as the fact that Tony Blair is acting as a ‘peace envoy’ in the Middle East. Two more unsuitable individuals for their respective tasks would be hard to find.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is currently organising people to present a united front against the Kerry Plan. They recognise that it must be stopped before it goes any further in damaging the Palestinian right to return. This can only be achieved through Palestinian unity. Currently Palestinians are divided, a product of years of oppression and betrayal. Given the scale of the threat facing the Palestinian people it is vital that greater levels of unity are achieved.

éirígí supports our comrades in the PFLP not only in opposition to this ludicrous and dangerous plan but also in the fight against racism, oppression and Zionism as a whole. In Ireland we know what can happen as a result of a bad ‘peace’ deal. The occupation has not ended here in Ireland and it certainly will not end in Palestine if Kerry gets his way.


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