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Putting Pressure on the Culprits in Corrib


Last Saturday [June 6], Shell to Sea protestors managed to occupy one of the offshore dredging machines being used by Shell to facilitate the laying of a pipe in Broadhaven Bay, County Mayo.

Security guards employed by Shell reacted with violence, including throwing one of the protestors overboard.

Van Oord, the Dutch firm contracted to carry out dredging work for Shell, then withdrew from the area, claiming that bad weather had forced them to pull out. This account was, however, contradicted by an unnamed security guard based in the onshore Shell complex, who insisted that Van Oord’s decision was based on health and safety considerations stemming from the recklessness of some of Shell’s security personnel in dealing with the protest.

These events clearly show that, through direct action, pressure can be exerted on those complicit in the theft of Ireland’s natural resources and the related ecological destruction in a Special Area of Conservation in County Mayo.

One of the ways of putting pressure on Van Oord to withdraw from the Corrib project indefinitely is by contacting them and informing them that they are taking part in theft of Irish natural resources against the wishes of the people of Ireland generally and the people of Rossport in particular.

The contact details are:

Head office
PO Box 85743009 AN Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Visiting address: Watermanweg 643067 GG Rotterdam The Netherlands
Phone 31 10 4478444

Van Oord UK Ltd
Lockside Place, Mill Lane, Newbury RG14 5QS Berks United Kingdom
Visiting address: Lockside Place, Mill Lane, Newbury RG14 5QS Berks U.K.
Phone: +44 1635 529101


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