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Eviction Resistance Public Meeting for Bluebell Announced


On Tuesday 17th July, éirígí will hold a public meeting on the issue of housing rights and eviction resistance in Bluebell, Dublin 12.

The meeting takes place at 7pm in the new Community Centre on Bluebell Road. Local resident and eviction resistor Darren Byrne and éirígí’s local representative, Councillor Louise Minihan, will address the event.

The public meeting follows on from the successful anti-eviction protests outside of Darren Byrne’s home last month. Having decided to take a stand against their proposed eviction the Byrne family asked the local community for support. The community answered that call with more than 100 local residents joining three days of protest, which helped prevent the eviction from going ahead. (For more on those anti-eviction protests, click here.)

Speaking from Bluebell, Cllr Louise Minihan said, “In response to increasing housing issues across the area, éirígí Ballyfermot has decided to hold this public meeting on housing rights and eviction resistance.

“Local issues to be tackled include the growing numbers of families on social housing waiting lists, the amount of vacant and boarded up houses, rising numbers in rent or mortgage arrears and increasing threats of forced eviction. Dublin and the rest of the Twenty-Six County state is in the midst of a housing crisis, which cannot be allowed to continue.

“The protests last month, which prevented the Byrne family being evicted, have shown what is possible when a community stands together. The only way to tackle the housing crisis is for communities to get organised and confront the issues head on.”

Minihan concluded, “The meeting on Tuesday aims to facilitate the organisation of the local community in relation to local housing issues. I would encourage anyone from Bluebell or elsewhere that is currently facing eviction or some other form of housing crisis to come along to the meeting and share their experiences.”


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