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CSO Confirms Austerity Isn’t Working – It’s time for Socialism


Cathaoirleach éirígí Brian Leeson has said that the latest economic figures from the Central Statistics Office [CSO] in the Twenty-Six Counties confirm that austerity isn’t working.

The figures, released on Thursday [July 12], reveal that the domestic economy in the Twenty Six Counties contracted by 1.1 percent for the first three months of this year, when compared with the last quarter of 2011. The figures also identified a decline in Gross National Product [GNP] of 1.3 percent over the same period.

Speaking from Dublin Brian said, “The figures from the CSO highlight what people across this state already know – austerity isn’t working. When combined with other social and economic reports, these figures paint a very grim picture of life in the Twenty Six Counties.

“The recent What’s Left report from the Irish League of Credit Unions has shockingly exposed that 1,820,000 people in this state have less than €100 in their pockets each month once their essential bills are paid. And a staggering 602,000 people, 17 percent of the adult population, have no money left after paying their essential bills. When taken together, these CSO and Credit Union reports highlight the reality that austerity isn’t working for the economy or our society. And previous research has shown that the situation in the Six Counties is no better.”

Leeson continued, “During the recent Austerity Treaty campaign the government promised us jobs and stability in exchange for a Yes vote. Rather than jobs and stability, austerity has brought us high unemployment and mass emigration. Like Fianna Fáil and the Green Party, who promised jobs and recovery if the Lisbon Treaty was supported, the current government have now been exposed as either liars or fools, or possibly both.

“It is now patently clear that the austerity agenda of the Troika and their Irish allies has nothing to do with recovery and everything to do the desire to create the perfect neo-liberal economy and society. The economic and social engineering antics of the IMF have been well documented over the last forty years. We in Ireland need to understand that the generosity of strangers comes at a very high price. The Troika view our economy and our people as little more than a laboratory experiment, within which their latest theories can be tested.

“The capitalist system is simply not designed to serve the needs of the majority of the population in either a national or global context. It exists to maximise profit, regardless of human or environmental cost. Capitalism rewards the most privileged, greedy, cunning and ruthless within any given society. It is long past time for it to be replaced with an economic system which places need ahead of greed and co-operation ahead of competition.

“All over Ireland communities are coming together and fighting back against austerity. Movements like the Campaign Against the Household and Water Taxes, which has organised a mass boycott of the austerity taxes, show what is possible when people organise and stand together.”

Leeson concluded by calling for the socialisation of the Irish economy. “We are now in the midst of the greatest economic and social crisis in decades. The Troika are using the crisis to implement a dangerous, radical right-wing agenda. This agenda needs to be resisted and reversed.

“We in éirígí understand that there is no simple or painless solution to the problems the country faces. The Irish people now have a unique opportunity to reject the chaos of capitalism and endorse the stability of socialism. If hard decisions are to be made let them be ones that address the deep wealth inequality that lies at the heart of Irish society on both sides of the border. Instead of implementing the austerity agenda of the Troika we need to implement a new socially driven agenda of nationalisation and economic stimulation and investment.”


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