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Smash the NAMA Republic Campaign Launched in Arklow


éirígí Cill Mhantáin activists erected anti-NAMA banners and posters around the coastal town of Arklow on Monday evening [June 14] to launch the Wicklow leg of the éirígí-driven Smash the NAMA Republic campaign.

The banner, erected at the 19 Arches Bridge which crosses over the River Avoca, calls on the Irish people to smash the NAMA republic and end the bank bail out scheme.

Smash the NAMA Republic

The eye catching wanted posters of the golden circle establishment class were also put up in different parts of the town, including on Main Street, the People’s Park and the Harbour area of the town, which drew vocal support from local fishermen.

éirígí activists also handed out anti-NAMA leaflets at Bridgewater Shopping Centre.

Wanted for Economic Treason

Speaking after launch, éirígí Cill Mhantáin activist Adrian O’Reilly said: “It is now time for people right across Wicklow to rise up and demand their rights as human beings to live freely from undue hardship and free from extensive debts which are the sole responsibility of the unscrupulous gangster politicians, developers and corrupt bankers.

“The bank bailouts and this Fianna Fáil/Green Party-run NAMA republic needs to be smashed before even more billions of euro are sunk into vampire banks.

“It is estimated that somewhere in the region of €100 billion [£83 billion] is needed to keep alive fat cat banks like Anglo Irish, while important public services suffer. Hospital services in Wexford General and Loughlinstown A&E department are in Mary Harney’s sights for downgrading, while 12,364 workers are forced to sign on each month across county Wicklow.”

Wanted for Economic TreasonWanted for Economic Treason

O’Reilly continued: “Where is the jobs strategy? Where is the investment in local employment to help stem the Twenty-Six County dole queue, which stands at a staggering 439,100 people?

“We need to take to the streets and to stay on the streets until this unjust economic system is torn down. Future generations will not forgive us if we don't rise up and smash the NAMA republic.”


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