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Unjust Property and Water Taxes will be Resisted


Louise Minihanéirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has said that a property tax of €400 will only help build resistance to unjust austerity taxes.

Speaking from Ballyfermot, Councillor Minihan said, “Unjust property and water taxes will be met with widespread resistance.

“In 1994 Enda Kenny said ‘it is morally wrong and unfair to tax a person’s home’. Today however, his government intends to introduce a crippling austerity tax of €400 per household. Such a tax on a family home would push more and more families into poverty and hardship.

“Across this state, workers, their families and their communities are struggling from almost six years of cutbacks and the austerity agenda. With recent studies showing hundreds of thousands of families are surviving on just €100 per month, a €400 home tax will hit the most vulnerable in our society hardest.

“The Fine Gael/ Labour government are completely out of touch with the needs of the people. The reality is people just can’t afford to pay and won’t be paying! Hundreds of thousands of families are continuing to boycott the home tax and the Campaign Against the Household and Water Taxes [CAHWT] continues to build its strength across the country. The introduction of the property tax combined with the introduction of water taxes in 2014 will be met with increased resistance and determination to defeat unjust austerity!”

Minihan concluded, “I would encourage all those concerned about the introduction of the property and water taxes to join their local branch of the CAHWT and to get involved in building the mass campaign of resistance. By standing together and refusing to register or pay, our campaign can be successful. éirígí believes that building a mass boycott of austerity taxes is the most effective way to ensure their defeat.”

Take a stand against the property and water taxes!
Build the CAHWT! Don’t Register – Don’t Pay!


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