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A Sign of the Times


éirígí in Newry have upped their Different Name, Same Aim campaign in the area in direct response to an upsurge in Crown Force brutality and harassment in recent weeks. A new addition to this campaign will include the erection of a number of signs in working class areas across the district.

éirígí’s Newry representative Stephen Murney explained, “We have started to erect a number of signs in the Newry area to highlight the unchanged nature of this force. The first signs were erected in the Derrybeg estate in direct response to the recent attack on the community by the PSNI in which homes were raided, residents tormented and I was assaulted and arrested.

“I have been a community activist in the Derrybeg estate for several years and from engaging with people from this estate on a daily basis it’s clear that they haven’t been fooled by the lick of paint approach, nor are they happy with the ham-fisted tactics the British police use when they have the Derrybeg community in their sights.

“Whilst some amongst us would rather remain silent and engage in selective condemnation when it suits their agenda, we in éirígí pledge to oppose and resist all forms of PSNI harassment and stand by all victims of human rights abuses.”

Murney added, “In the coming days and weeks more of these signs will also be erected in other working class areas of Newry to spread the message that, despite what Crown Force cheerleaders say, the only obvious change in this force is the name of it. We also have several other initiatives in the pipeline for this campaign.

“éirígí will not be found wanting when it comes to resisting and opposing the political police.”


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