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Hands Off Our Children’s Allowance Protest in Wexford


On Saturday [October 13], éirígí Loch Garman organised a ‘Hands Off Our Children’s Allowance!’ protest outside Labour Minister Brendan Howlin’s constituency clinic in Wexford Town.

The protest, which was attended by up to thirty people, was the first public protest organised by éirígí in the county. Protesters held placards which read ‘Hands Off Our Children’s Allowance!’ and ‘The Labour Party – Betrayers of the Working Class’ as well as a large banner which read ‘Hands Off Our Child Benefit!’

Hands Off Our Children’s Allowance!

The event received a great response from the public and, following the success of Saturday’s protest, éirígí Loch Garman plans to make the protest a weekly event until the Twenty-Six County budget in early December.

Speaking following the protest, éirígí Councillor John Dwyer congratulated those who had the courage to protest about proposed cuts to Child Benefit, saying, “Today’s protest has been a great success. The fact that up to thirty people attended today at relatively short notice gives an indication of the level of anger across County Wexford at the Dublin Government’s austerity programme.

“It takes courage to voice your opposition to such powerful people. Thousands of people right across County Wexford are totally dependent on Child Benefit just to keep their heads above water. The reality is that those who will have the power to decide what to cut, and who to cut from, have demonstrated their willingness to target the most vulnerable time after time.”

John Dwyer

In confirming that the protests will continue each Saturday outside Howlin’s office in the SIPTU building in Coolcots in Wexford, Councillor Dwyer said,

“The people of Wexford are angry at the proposed cuts to Child Benefit and fed up with devastating cutbacks and austerity. We are determined to bring it home to the Labour Party in County Wexford that the cuts that they intend to support in the next budget are going to hurt the most vulnerable in our society. éirígí is committed to working with communities across County Wexford to organise resistance to austerity.”


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