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Three Quarters of PSNI Staff were RUC Members


éirígí policing muralThe recent revelations that more than three-quarters of “civilian staff” employed by the PSNI were in the force when it was called the RUC is clear proof of the unchanged and unaccountable nature of the militia.

It was also revealed that almost half of them are involved in “sensitive” roles such as the intelligence branch.

The PSNI has attempted to defend this position by claiming they need the “expertise and skills” of these human rights abusing RUC members. The expertise and skills that we recall being used by these people is collusion, murder, frame-ups, brutality and harassment.

Rúnaí ginearálta éirígí Breandán Mac Cionnaith said, “These revelations will come as no surprise to republicans who have been on the receiving end of brutality and abuse at the hands of these thugs. We have stated all along that this force remained nothing but the same force it always was, bar a few cosmetic changes, and this now proves that we were right. They are simply the same old wine in new bottles.

“They were unacceptable when they were called the RIC, they were unacceptable when they were called the RUC and they are unacceptable today under their current guise of the PSNI.

“A few years back some within our communities were trying to sell their “policing project” as a fresh new beginning with promises of accountability and manners being placed on them. They have failed miserably and this is evident everyday of the week with stop & searches, house raids and regular harassment taking place across the Six Counties and now it’s revealed that the same people who terrorised our communities for decades are working for the PSNI under a different uniform.

Breandán concluded, “éirígí activists have been to the fore in opposing and resisting the British police and as a result we have found ourselves in their sights time and time again. We will continue with our Different Name, Same Aim campaign with more vigour and determination than ever.”


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