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Dublin Easter Commemoration


1916 Rising CommemorationThis year will mark the 98th anniversary of the 1916 Rising. In recent weeks the Dublin government have made it clear that they intent to use the centenary of the 1916 anniversary to copper fasten partition and the British occupation of the Six Counties. They further intend to dishonour the memories of all of those who died during the Rising by inviting members of the British ‘royal family’, with their extremely close ties to Britain’s murderous military, to the official centenary commemorations.

In truth the Dublin government and the wider political establishment are intent on turning the clock back to before 1916, when all of Ireland was a British colony. They want to restore the ancient regime when the ruling elite of Britain and Ireland gorged themselves on the wealth they stole from the labour of the working people. As never before the working class of Ireland needs a genuine Republic – a 32 County Republic where the needs of the people are put ahead of the greed of the royals, the money lenders, the ranchers and the politicians.

The battle lines for 2016 have now been drawn. Will that great centenary be marked by official ‘commemoration’ of Irish Volunteer and British soldier alike or will it be marked by a people’s ‘celebration’ of the Irish fight for freedom and justice?

Join us tomorrow [Easter Sunday] and add your voice to the people’s celebration of 1916 and all of those who have given their lives in the fight for freedom.

As in previous years we’ll be joined by the Patricia Black / Frankie Ryan memorial flute band from Glasgow which will lead us to the Republican plot in the St Paul’s section of Glasnevin Cemetery. The plot contains the bodies of many Irish Citizen Army Volunteers and civilians killed during the fighting of Easter Week 1916.

Our main speaker this year will be the veteran socialist republican activist Sean Doyle from Wicklow. Sean, who has been a community and political activist since the 1960s, was a close comrade of the assassinated socialist republican icon Séamus Costello. His oration tomorrow is expected to draw on his more than four decades of observation and experience.

We hope to see you there tomorrow and please encourage your family and friends to come along as well. It’s time for the people of Ireland to take ownership of our history and celebrate those who gave so much so their fellow citizens could be free.

Bígí linn amárach.


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