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éirígí Cill Mhantáin Unmask Wicklow County Council Gravy Train


Socialist republican party éirígí held a protest recently in the Garden County against the Wicklow County Council gravy train, and unmasked the Wicklow county management and county councillors who are benefiting from over-the-top salaries.

The scoundrels’ high wages are being paid out of the people’s coffers. These are the same councillors and management who have fiddled while public services throughout County Wicklow burned.

Fight the Cutbacks

éirígí protesters gathered at 12 noon at the People’s Park on Arklow’s Main Street on September 12, and distributed leaflets naming the top offenders. The éirígí activists pointed out to local people that some councillors are raking in between €40,000 and a massive €83,000 and that the top ten earners in Wicklow county management total a cool €1 million. The protestors also hung a banner on the park railings which read ‘Cherishing All the Children of the Nation Equally – Fight the Cutbacks’.

Speaking about the protest, éirígí activist Adrian O’Raghallaigh said, “Wicklow County Manager Eddie Sheehy earns an exorbitant €140,000 and yet he is threatening to cut public services because of the mass ‘home tax’ boycott by thousands of Wicklow citizens. He has issued threats in the form of lock-outs from our children’s playgrounds and street black-outs if they Troika-devised and Fine Gael/Labour Government-implemented stealth taxes aren’t paid.

“The pay packets of Eddie Sheehy’s fellow officers on Wicklow County Council management make for shocking reading. They are list here:

Eddie Sheehy, County Manager: €142,469
6 directors of services: €90,453 - €106,900 each
Head of finance: €90,453 - €106,900
Law agent: €78,368 - €95,540
Veterinary inspector: €60,555 - €94,392
Total: €1,080,701

O’Raghallaigh continued, “The ‘whip hand’ of Big Phil Hogan – the EU/IMF’s own Rottweiler – is severely felt throughout Wicklow. Also, the continuation of the 26-County Government austerity programme is devastating the Garden County.

“The people of Wicklow have witnessed cuts to education, community development projects, vital medication covered on the Medical Card, Home Help and other much needed services; also Wicklow has seen severe unemployment with 13,000 workers signing on each month and has witnessed mass emigration.”

O’Raghallaigh concluded by saying, “It is utterly ridiculous that county administrators are demanding such high wages and enjoy all-expenses-paid junkets while communities across the county suffer under the regime of the Troika.

“éirígí will continue to fight the cuts and attacks on community welfare emulating from the Troika and the 26-County government and I call on those who have not yet joined the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes to do so now. What is coming down the road is a juggernaut of economic and social hurt and pain for all our embattled communities – the time to get organised and to fight-back is now.”


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