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Hands Off Our Children’s Allowance Public Meeting, Ballyfermot


Louise Minihanéirígí Ballyfermot has announced plans to step up its ‘Hands Off Our Children’s Allowance’ campaign in the run up to December’s budget by holding a public meeting aimed at building resistance in the local community on Tuesday 30th October.

The ‘Hands Off Our Children’s Allowance – Building the Opposition in Ballyfermot’ meeting will take place in the Ballyfermot Civic Centre at 7.30pm. The meeting aims to mobilise the local community to take a stand against a proposal to slash the Child Benefit in December’s budget.

Speaking from Ballyfermot, éirígí Dublin Councillor Louise Minihan said, “The proposal to slash Child Benefit in the upcoming budget is a direct attack on the welfare of our families and our children. Such a proposal will hit the most vulnerable in our society hardest. Many families across this state rely on Child Benefit, just to get by each month. There is only one way to stop this attack on Child Benefit, by organising communities to take to the streets and oppose them!

“Following our successful ‘Hands Off Our Children’s Allowance’ protest in Ballyfermot on the 5th October, a number of local parents have been in contact with éirígí about building a campaign of resistance in the local community. éirígí is organising this public meeting to give local parents and families the opportunity to get involved in organising the campaign in defence of our children and our communities.”

Minihan continued, “The public meeting is an opportunity to get involved in organising the fight back against austerity and to turn the anger against the government into positive action. I would encourage all parent’s, grandparents and local residents who are angry about the proposed cuts to Child Benefit to come along to the meeting, get involved in the campaign and make sure your voice is heard.

“éirígí is committed to working with local residents and families in Ballyfermot and the surrounding areas to resist any and all attacks on our communities and to organise the local fight back against the Fine Gael/Labour coalition governments programme of austerity.”


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