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IMF Discussed in Annagry


Micheál Cholm Mac Giolla EasbuigDespite atrocious weather conditions a large crowd turned up in the small village of Annagry on Friday, February 4th, to attend the Alternative Community Cinema event entitled “The IMF, The Truth”. The evening, which was the first in the 2011 series of events to be held by the community initiative, saw a varied itinerary which began with the showing of the film The Shock Doctrine. The film/documentary looked at how western governments had capitalised on the result of various disasters around the world.

The subject matter of the film began by showing how such behaviour had been prevalent for decades. The bottom line of the film was that many governments and big business worked in tandem to profit from the misery of disaster shocked nations and people around the world.

The film was followed by a talk and lively discussion with guest speakers, independent councillor Thomas Pringle and Shane O’Curry from the Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC). Andy Storey of University College Dublin who was also due to speak was unable to travel from Dublin due to the poor weather conditions.

Shane O’Curry from the Latin America Solidarity Centre said, “If Latin America can teach us anything on the question of IMF involvement in Ireland, it is that we the public should force our government not to pay the bad debts that the gamblers in the private financial sector accrued." He added "What is required is not just the vision and will from the political class, but a strong and assertive popular movement from below to force that political class to act.”

Speaking in relation to the film, Thomas Pringle said, “Our Shock Doctrine is Ireland’s financial crisis. The IMF’s and ECB’s involvement in Ireland is a fast road to privatisation.”

Speaking of the possible Ireland that could lie ahead of its people in the future Mr Pringle went on to say, “Services such as water, electricity and even postal services could face major upheaval and price increases thanks to privatisation. This privatisation must be resisted. If anything, the IMF in Ireland has made us focus on exactly who they are and we will soon see the real truth behind the system they espouse.”

Organiser of the Alternative Community Cinema event Micheál Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig praised all those who made the effort to attend the night. “It was great to see the large amount of people make the effort to come here tonight despite the bad weather,” he said.

“Tonight the crowd was obviously motivated by the IMF’s involvement in Ireland given the intense debate that was held in the hall. But the attitude of the crowd was positive and they know they can make a change. It goes to show the concern people really have in the economic crisis we are facing here.

“The governments, not only here in Ireland but also across Europe, would like people to believe that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are here to help the people of the nation. But their real intention is to protect the wealthy bankers and developers who caused this crisis and back up the capitalist system which feeds on the misery of the poor. The ordinary working people of the country are now paying off the debt of the wealthy and we hope this event has helped answer questions that the governments and media are unwilling to answer.”

Speaking of the event he thanked all involved saying the community pulling together was the best way to make a change. Mr Mac Giolla Easbuig said, “From the people who made the food and the staff of Annagry Hall, to the local people who made the effort to help, the speakers and Ian Smith who provided the entertainment all showed what can be achieved with people pulling together.

“What is needed for the people to get through this dictatorship from the IMF, supported by the political and economical elite, the European Central Bank or even Leinster House, is to take control of their own destiny by educating themselves and demanding justice on the streets on masse. The power and control is in their hands and all communities must start organising to make a change. If we don't make a change, then our children and our children's children will suffer tomorrow.”


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