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Shell to Sea press release 21/08/06


Today’s statement from Shell seeking ‘expressions of interest’ for 5
million euros of contracts clearly demonstrates that Shell’s focus is on
PR rather than addressing the core difficulties of the Corrib gas

Given the development cost of the project which is approximately 1,000
million euro, the value of the Corrib gas reserve which is in excess of
10 billion euro, and the enormous profits of Shell and their partners,
the sourcing of 5 million euro among local businesses can be seen as
mere tokens and designed only to create the illusion of local benefits.
The fact of the matter is that, under their current proposal, the vast
majority of Shell’s investment would be to companies outside the region.

Shell’s decision to move forward with work on the Bellanaboy site gives
the lie to their claims to operate with consent and agreement. No
pipeline route has yet been proposed by them and no agreement yet exists for
such a route. In this context the decision to begin work at the gas
processing plant pre-judges the pipeline issue and presents the local
community once again with a fait accompli.

Shell to Sea also notes that the existing Axonics water treatment units
have been declared by the relevant authorities as fully functional and
capable of dealing with all water pollution issues on the Bellanaboy

Finally, Shell to Sea condemns the government’s recent awarding of
further Exploration Licences under the giveaway 1992 Terms. This is all the
more shocking given the government’s acknowledgement that there is now
a demonstrated potential for further finds of hydrocarbon resources. We
once again demand that these projects should be developed with health
and safety prioritised and under a fiscal regime that maximizes local
and national benefit.

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