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Minihan Welcomes DEIS Schools Victory


Louise Minihanéirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has described the decision by the Fine Gael Labour Government to reverse cuts to DEIS school initiative as “a victory for the parents, teachers, students and the communities who organised in defence of their schools”.

Speaking from Ballyfermot, Cllr Minihan said, “The decision by the FG/Labour coalition to implement cuts on the DEIS Schools Initiative was not only a vicious assault on the working class, but an attack on the education and future of our children.

“However the Government did not get it all its own way. Their cutbacks were met by fierce resistance from parents, teachers, students and local communities who organised a fantastic campaign to defend our DEIS schools.

“That campaign has given the Government a bloody nose and forced them into an embarrassing climb-down. As a result of the campaign the cuts to the DEIS schools have been reversed and teachers will be retained.”

Minihan continued, “This campaign shows what working people and our communities are capable of achieving when we organise together. Today is a victory for the DEIS schools and a victory to the power of the people.

“Resistance to EU/IMF agenda of cutbacks must be intensified. éirígí for our part are committed to playing a role in building a mass movement to tackle austerity, a movement that will promote and defend the interests of the Irish working class.”


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