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Masterson condemns James Reilly’s corruption


James Reillyéirígí Tallaght spokesperson Scott Masterson has branded Twenty-Six County Health Minister James Reilly ‘corrupt’ in response to the revelation that Reilly had an investment in a Tipperary nursing home.

Last week Reilly’s name was listed in a directory of debt defaulters as he had not paid money owed for his share in the Greenhills Nursing Home in Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary. After the initial scandal it also emerged that Reilly had interests in the construction of another proposed private health facility in North County Dublin.

Speaking from Tallaght Masterson highlighted the impact that Reilly’s corruption could have on Tallaght. “Like Mary Harney before him it has never been Reilly’s intention to invest in quality public healthcare. Instead, the order of the day has been the wholesale privatisation of the health sector, including the closure of publicly-run nursing homes.

“One such example is to be found in St Brigid’s Nursing Home in Crooksling on the outskirts of West Tallaght. This public facility, which caters for over 100 women, would now be closed had it not been for the heroic resistance of the residents, their families and the wider community. Other public nursing homes have not been so lucky.”

Masterson continued, “With the news that Reilly had major investments in private nursing homes, his drive to close state-run homes, such as St Brigid’s, becomes all the more sinister. The less publicly-run homes there are in the state, the greater return Reilly and his investor cronies will make from the private homes that open in their place.

“This situation is far more serious than a simple conflict of interest; it is corruption, plain and simple. Reilly cannot be allowed to continue to oversee the running of the public health system, whilst simultaneously benefitting from the privatisation of that same service.”

Masterson concluded, “The people of Tallaght and the people of Ireland, north and south, deserve a world class health system, but that will never happen while the likes of Reilly are in charge. He and the rest of his government are part of a political elite who have never acted in the interests of ordinary people. Until that elite is replaced our health care system will continue to lurch from one crisis to another.”


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