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Republican Fermanagh Says No to the PSNI


éirígí’s Different Name, Same Aim campaign reached Fermanagh last week when banners were erected in the Enniskillen and Kinawley areas highlighting the reality of political policing in the Six Counties.

Kilmacormick Road

éirígí chairperson in Fermanagh Kevin Martin said the response activists have been getting from local people has been encouraging.

“Over the last year and more, the attitude and tactics of the PSNI in the Fermanagh area have been extremely aggressive. This situation is reflected across the Six Counties,” Martin said.

“Nationalists and republicans are being harassed on a daily basis by the PSNI, who are working hand-in-glove with the British army and MI5. However, people in Fermanagh are well used to this behaviour – they experienced it all over decades at the hands of the RUC – and they will not be intimidated by these modern day thugs in uniform.

Dublin-Enniskillen road

“Our activists on the ground have been getting a very positive response from local people and we anticipate this will increase as thousands of Different Name, Same Aim campaign leaflets are delivered across the county.”


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