Something Stinking at IBEC Conference


éirígí Dublin City Councillor Louise Minihan has commended those who took part in a direct action at IBEC’s conference in Dublin’s National Conference Centre earlier today [November 23].

As up to four hundred chief executives from across the state gathered a large number of ‘stink bombs’ were activated, filling the venue with a noxious odour. Amongst those who could clearly smell the stink was RTÉ’s Brian Dobson, who appeared to think that Twenty-Six County Finance Minister Michael Noonan was personally responsible for the eye-watering whiff.

Speaking outside of the venue Councillor Minihan said, “Over the last number of years IBEC has positioned itself as the chief cheerleader for cutbacks in this state. They have rarely missed an opportunity to attack workers’ rights or call for cuts to social welfare and public services. Since the onset of the recession IBEC have been consistently calling for wage reductions for ordinary workers, including the lowering of the minimum wage.

“In contrast to their demand for reductions in wages and social welfare, IBEC have been very vocal in demanding corporate welfare for private companies. IBEC have vociferously lobbied against any increase in the rate of corporation tax or any other measure that would genuinely spread the burden of the current economic crisis.

“Over the last couple of years IBEC have created a false narrative that portrays their members as hard-pressed victims of the recession. And yet today we have four hundred chief executives paying an unbelievable €544 [£468] each to attend a talking shop in the National Conference Centre. That’s the equivalent of nearly three weeks’ dole to attend a one-day conference. It doesn’t look like IBEC are introducing too many austerity measures.”

Cllr Minihan concluded, “The stink that people could smell inside the conference centre today is nothing to the stink of IBEC’s anti-worker policies. IBEC represent the interests of the elite that have controlled this state for the last ninety years and nobody else. They are probably the most powerful, well-funded and influential right-wing lobby group in the state. Those who caused them a little discomfort today are to be commended for their actions. The more often that the anti-social activities of IBEC and their ilk are disrupted, the better.”


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