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Louise Minihan Remains Defiant Ahead of Trial


Louise Minihanéirígí’s Louise Minihan has re-affirmed her intention to plead not-guilty ahead of her trial which is due to take place tomorrow [Feb 25]. Louise faces charges of assault and criminal damage arising from a political protest which saw the Dublin City Councillor pour diluted red paint over the clothing of Minister for Death Mary Harney on November 1st 2010.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s trial Louise said:

“My protest against Mary Harney was both legitimate and proportionate when measured against the crimes which Harney has committed against the people of Ireland. The embarrassment suffered by Harney as a result of my protest pales in comparison to the humiliation that has been suffered by the tens of thousands of patients that have been forced to wait for hours in accident and emergency departments across the state. The inconvenience my protest caused to Harney stands as nothing when compared with the unnecessary suffering and deaths that she has been responsible for during her tenure as Minister for Death.

“In organising a photo-opportunity at Cherry Orchard Mary Harney sought to portray herself as the saviour of the hospital, whereas in fact she had been responsible for reductions in funding and the closure of wards at the same facility. This hypocrisy needed to be challenged in a manner which could not be ignored, which I believe I succeeded in doing.

“My protest was a legitimate political protest which should never have been brought before the courts. I have no intention of pleading guilty or of apologising for my actions. To do so would undermine the legitimacy of my protest and the wider political struggle against the neo-liberal agenda that Mary Harney has so proudly championed.”

Louise concluded by calling on people to get involved in the fight-back against the cutbacks to the healthcare system.

“Fine Gael have already indicated their intention to continue with Mary Haney’s agenda of privatisation of the public healthcare system. The right to decent healthcare is a core responsibility of government which cannot be sold off to private insurance companies and private hospitals. The people of this country are entitled to a world-class universal healthcare system based on the needs and the not the wealth of the patient. We in éirígí are fully committed to fighting for such a system and we are calling on people to get join the fight-back against the right wing agenda of Fine Gael, the EU and IMF.”


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