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Successful Anti-Cutbacks Protest in Dublin’s North Inner City


On Monday [October 22] up to twenty-five people attended a ‘Hands Off Our Child Benefit!’ protest in Dublin’s North Inner City. The protest, which was organised by local éirígí activists, took place outside Labour TD Joe Costello’s constituency office on Sean MacDermott Street.

Hands Off Our Child Benefit!

The protest was timed to coincide with Costello’s advice clinic, giving local families and residents the opportunity to let Costello know exactly how they felt about his government’s proposals to slash Child Benefit.

Those at the event held a banner which read ‘Hands Off Our Child Benefit’ and placards which declared ‘Support Families Not the Banks!’ and ‘Hands Off Our Children’s Allowance’. The event got a great response from the public on the night with many passing vehicles beeping horns in support. Passing pedestrians also pledged their support to the protesters and the campaign against cuts to Child Benefit.

Costello challenged

When Costello himself arrived at the office he was unable to answer the legitimate questions of those attending the protest, instead choosing to repeat the patronising platitudes that have come to define his government.

Speaking at the protest éirígí’s Ciaran Heaphey said, “Tonight’s protest was very encouraging. The fact that a couple of dozen people turned up at six o’clock on a cold Monday evening is a great start to the local campaign against cutbacks.

Support Families Not Banks

“Tonight’s protest gave the community a chance to vent their anger at the proposed cuts to Child Benefit and to send a clear message to Joe Costello and the Labour Party that it is not acceptable to keep on pushing cuts on the most vulnerable in our society.

Heaphey continued, “Many families across this state are depending on their Child Benefit just to get by each month, while the wealthy elite remain untouched by, and unaccountable for, the mess they have caused. The Labour Party would have been one of the first to campaign against this proposed cut to Child Benefit whilst in opposition, but now they are in government they no longer have time for the working people that elected them.”


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