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Ballyfermot Says GO! to Fianna Fáil


éirígí activists and supporters held a successful protest outside the Ballyfermot constituency clinic of Fianna Fáil TD Michael Mulcahy last night [Monday].

While Mulcahy did not, in fact, bother to show up, there was a Garda van containing four police officers there to meet protestors in his stead.

It seems that Mulcahy was reluctant to face the music for the part he has played in the economic treason that has bankrupted the Twenty-Six Counties and made life for the people of Ballyfermot even more difficult than it historically has been.

Ballyfermot protest

The community in Ballyfermot is already feeling the pain of the Dublin government’s policy of placing the interests of bankers and property developers before working people, with massive job losses and thousands of people now unemployed in the local area.

Vital community services and local amenities have been closed and the curse of emigration has revisited the community as hundreds of local young people are being forced by unemployment to seek out a future abroad. And that was all before the arrival of the notorious IMF, an organisation that has imposed crippling debt repayment policies on countries across the globe and represents the Dublin government’s final sell out to international banks.

The €83 billion [£72 billion] loan from the IMF/EU comes with punitive conditions attached, conditions which the Dublin government has voted to accept. Last month’s blood budget gave a flavour of what is to come. Over the next four years, there will be further savage social welfare and public sector cuts and massive job losses.

Ballyfermot protest

If working people don’t come together to fight back against the IMF-inspired cuts, the future of the community in Ballyfermot will be destroyed. The IMF has been driven out of countries in Latin America and elsewhere. But it took determined resistance by the people. The people of Ireland have a long and proud history of standing up to tyranny.

Speaking at last night’s protest, Dublin City councillor for the Ballyfermot area Louise Minihan noted how “This working class suburb has, unfortunately, long been used and abused by the likes of Michael Mulcahy and his fellow-traveller establishment politicians.

“The problem all along, however, has been that the working people of Ballyfermot have received nothing from Fianna Fáil – the Bankers’ Party.”

Ballyfermot protest

Minihan added: “The level of support expressed towards protestors here tonight in the form of hooted horns and well-wishing passersby indicates that the tide may be turning and that the people of Ballyfermot are once again willing to stand up and be counted. They certainly have nothing to lose by telling the establishment politicians where to go. They have, in fact, everything to gain.

“I appeal the people of this area to join the fight back and help reclaim our communities, our work places and our country from those who have turned our hopes and dreams into things to be subject to the whims of the market and the need for ever-bigger profit margins.”


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