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British Navy and PSNI Out of Dublin


éirígí spokesperson Daithí Mac An Mháistir has slammed the presence of both the PSNI and the British Navy in Dublin this week. He was speaking ahead of a football match between the PSNI and Gardaí at Croke Park today [Friday, 25 November]. The British navy ship HMS Tyne docked at Sir John Rogerson Quay earlier this week.

Speaking from Dublin Mac An Mháistir said, “It is an absolute disgrace that both the PSNI and British Navy have been allowed to visit Dublin this week. Their presence in Dublin is, of course, part of the wider strategy of normalisation, whereby the British occupation of the Six Counties is portrayed as ‘normal’ and acceptable.”

He added, “Apologists for the PSNI claim that it is a reformed police force, entirely different from the RUC. Only a few years ago many of these same apologists were claiming that the RUC was an entirely balanced and acceptable police force. It is a simple fact that the PSNI is simply the RUC by another name – something which more and more people in the Six Counties are coming to see.

“Men, women and children from the republican community in the Six Counties are subjected to harassment by the PSNI on a daily basis. This harassment ranges from ‘stop and search’ without cause to violent and demeaning house raids.

“The PSNI also assist in forcing sectarian triumphalist marches through nationalist areas on a regular basis. Those who object to this are met with blunt force in the form of batons and deadly plastic bullets. Over the last couple of years the PSNI have fired hundreds of plastic bullets at unarmed members of the republican community.

“As with the visit of Elizabeth Windsor some months ago the mandarins in charge of Croke Park should be ashamed of themselves for facilitating this PSNI/Garda football match. History will judge them poorly for the role that they are playing in rehabilitating the image of such human rights abusers.

“Those who are opposed to the use of Croke Park and other GAA facilities by the PSNI should make their voices heard through their local clubs and by contacting headquarters directly. It is simply not good enough for the flagship of the GAA to be used for British propaganda purposes.”

Mac An Mháistir continued, “In addition to having the PSNI in the city, the people of Dublin have also had to endure the docking of a British war ship on the River Liffey. Those who believed the establishment hype about the state visit of Elizabeth Windsor would have done well to have taken a stroll down the quays during the week. The HMS Tyne told a truth that no amount of nonsense about ‘reconciliation’ and ‘bridge-building’ can hide.

“One hundred years after the last British royal visit to Dublin and ninety-five years after the Helga shelled Dublin during the 1916 Rising, Britain and its allies in Ireland clearly believe that the old order has now been fully restored. But they would do well to study their history a little bit more closely. The core principles of Irish socialist republicanism are becoming more relevant with every passing day and with that increasing relevance will come the rebuilding of a vibrant, confident revolutionary republican movement – a people’s movement that will do all in its power to drive all of Britain’s military forces from Ireland – once and for all.”


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