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PSNI Provocation Leads to Newry Riot


PSNI landrovers in DerrybegOnce again the PSNI in Newry are directly responsible for creating and provoking a serious riot situation in nationalist areas.

Under the guise of an alleged “security operation” the PSNI accompanied by the British Army arrived in force and proceeded to surround and seal off the Derrybeg and Carnagat areas on Thursday [May 24].

Dozens of armoured PSNI landrovers, armoured cars, jeeps and British army lorries kept these areas under siege and at one stage two PSNI helicopters kept the local population under surveillance.

éirígí activists from these areas received numerous reports from residents concerned at the heavy handed actions of the PSNI and were at the scene immediately to ensure the safety of their communities. As we have seen numerous times in the past couple of years, the British forces have a history of provocation in situations like this and this instance was no different.

Speaking from the scene éirígí representative Stephen Murney explained, “While engaging with the community we witnessed several armoured landrovers driving at speed towards a group of young people who had gathered to watch what was happening. This deliberate attempt to intimidate and provoke the community created a riot situation in which stones, paint and petrol bombs were thrown, with various media reports stating a PSNI member was injured.

“The blame for this trouble lies squarely with the PSNI who spent their time goading and driving armoured landrovers directly at young people.

“éirígí activists remained in the area until the British state forces withdrew, leaving the local community to pick up the pieces and clear the destruction left behind by actions of the PSNI.”

Stephen continued, “These communities are no strangers to Crown Force repression and have been to the fore in resisting this repression over the years. If the PSNI aren’t harassing residents in these areas by using stop and search legislation and house raids they are provoking our local youths to create riot situations such as this.

“éirígí will fully support any community that is resisting the repressive tactics of Britain’s police force in Ireland.”


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